MainUI full screen

I am making an IN/OUT sign using MainUI pages and have it all working but would love to know how to get it full screen in a browser (this isnt a tablet question).
I basically want to be in Run Mode and have the function the Fullscreen button in the bottom right does - is there a URL I can reference directly for this, if not some sort of script I can embed or something similar?

Do you mean that you want to get rid of the left-hand menu? If so, just click the pushpin to unpin it.


Or do you mean that you want the browser to be a full-screen window with no tabs/taskbar? That’s possible with JavaScript, but I don’t know how you’d build that into a MainUI page. Maybe you can make it the default for the browser when it launches.

Full screen - when I go to htp://server/page/pagename I get this:

when I press the fullscreen opton in the bottom left it does this:

Thats what I would like to embed in a browser window/iframe

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I’ve never actually noticed that option before. Looks like it is just triggering a Javascript, but I can’t think of how you’d do that without human intervention.

Id be happy to run some javascript to do it if I could work out how - just running the URL in fullscreen in chrome isnt doing this

OK I think fixed grid layout gets me very close

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