Start Main UI with individual page in fullscreen mode without any bars and margins

Especially users who have created their own page for a wall mounted device know these annoying bars which consumes precious space.
These bars are:

  • iPad’s top bar
  • Browser’s navigation bar
  • MainUI’s navigation bar

Furthermore users were asking on how to reduce the margin of a page and the space between blocks. As these details are spread all over this forum, here you have it in one location:

  1. To start MainUI with an individual page from your device’s home screen:
  • create a manifest file following these instructions, cudos to @ysc
  • add this to the config section of your page:
  hideNavbar: true
  hideSidebarIcon: true
  showFullscreenIcon: false
  1. To remove the margins of your page and the space between blocks follow these instructions.

The result is this just by a single click on an iPad’s home screen:

(tested for iOS):


This is great.