MainUI / Pages - Unable to link directly to Page after 4.x Upgrade

Little background first. Been using OH since 1.x and upgraded along way. Majority of my config is via Text Configs.

I have about 15 Android Tablets throughout the house either as tabletop Kiosks, Wall mounted or TV’s with Custom Android TV’s. I use HABPanel Viewer as the launcher/interface to view pages. To allow bidirectional communication and reporting between tablets and OH. I have several dozen pages between HABPanel and MainUI/Pages used to show information, cameras, controls, etc. Over the last few months I have been migrating away from HABPanel to Native MainUI/Pages.

I’m currently running Openhabian with OpenHab 3.4.2. Different rules and events can trigger page changes on the tablets by instructing them to goto specific urls where each page is located.


If there is motion or doorbell event, it instructs the tablets to goto “” Which is my Security Camera page. After a 60 second delay it instructs the tablets to go back to their “Home” page (which differs per room). If internet or alexa go offline, a rule will instruct all the tablets to goto “” which is my “SafeMode” screen that will allow touch controls for all common devices/actions that we normally use voice command for. And then again return back to the “home” screen when Internet/Alexa has returned online.

This has worked perfectly, even alternating between the HABPanel Pages, and the Native MainUI/Pages. Unfortunately this functionality breaks when moving to 4.x.x. (I’ve tested with both 4.0.0, 4.0.3, and 4.1.0.M1). I have also tested using Chrome in incognito mode to rule out an issue with the HABPanel Viewer frontend on the tablets. The result is the same.

Tested with both HABPanel Viewer, Chrome Incognito, and Safari Private with the same results

Both HABPanel and MainUI pages are configured to be accessible by everyone without Authentication.

What Works:
Browsing DIRECTLY to “” unauthenticated will display the pages on the left of screen. I can then click on one and it functions as expected.

Browsing DIRECTLY to “” unauthenticated will display the Proper HABPanel Standby screen as expected.

What DOES NOT Work:
Browsing DIRECTLY to any page EXPLICITLY “” which would be my security cameras. will only display a black screen.

It appears the MainUI/Pages will only properly Auth/Load if you goto the ROOT first.

Hacky Workaround that Sorta Works but defeats the purpose of Kiosks

  • I can manually login to tablets with Admin and Cache credentials.
  • Instruct all tablets to goto the root page (wait 30 seconds to be sure)
  • Then instruct them to goto their specific standby/home page.

This isn’t Ideal because A. I don’t want the tablets authenticated, B. If Cache expires or new pages are added tables will break. Which happens at 1am anyways, Caches are cleared and tablets reboot to maintain fastest response times.

I’ve restored back to 3.4.2 to prevent my SO from murdering me with broken Smarthome. Suggestions and/or recommendations are appreciated.


I don’t have any suggestions to solve you specific problem except to mention there is an open PR to add the ability to make a client navigate to a given Page based on a command to an Item. When/if that gets merged maybe this issue goes away, or at least changes.

Did you manage to solve that problem somehow? It is super annoying.
I have a small subinterface for my EV charger , that sits @

If I send that address to myself in a Telegram message it will open on Android phone properly.
If I use Add to the Home Screen to have a it becomes a link to the main OH page that has desktop interface. I find it super annoying not to be able to link to the right page.

see here:

You need to create a manifest file first so that you can launch an individual page from your home screen

Many thanks

Also, I just found a simple workaround/hack. in Google Play there is an app called Website Shortcut
It does the same shortcut on a home page like chrome but, magicaly it lauches a proper subpage.
It is not as elegant as the manifest as it has an address bar, but it was 2 min to setup.