Making simple actions

Hello, i have installed openHAB a few months ago and been googeling around and reading a lot but i can’t find good information on how to make a simple action. Like turning a light on and off.

I have openHAB installed on my Synology Diskstation, i can open it :slight_smile:
In the paper UI i have added my KNX/IP Gateway which says “online”.
also have added a Thing “KNX Device” with in it, a channel i named “Living room light” and given it a group address (i tried in different notations 5/0/0 and 5.0.0).

Then i go to control and i see the KNX Device with a slider but if i slide it, nothing happens.
What am i missing here?

Much appreciation.

Welcome, Gregory!

We’re going to need more information to help you. Can you look in the Log Viewer and post what happens when you toggle the switch? I don’t know much about KNX, but it sounds like one of two things to me:

  1. OH is not communicating with the actual device
  2. OH is sending a command that the device won’t accept

The log will help us determine if it’s one of these two things or something else entirely. When you cut and paste the entries, make sure to use the code brackets (<>) from the formatting bar so that they look like this:

log entries

There’s a pretty straightforward docu here telling you

Type switch        : demoSwitch        "Light"       [ ga="3/0/4+<3/0/5" ]

which should answer your question in regards to the notation.

Do you see a slider or a switch? If it’s not a dimmer, it should be a switch and also defined as such.

Thank you for replying. I cannot seem to find any log file. Is this a seperate download/application? Or do you mean the KNX diagnostic?

Hi Chris,

i have seen the document. The KNX device is set as a normal “switch”, as it also is in the KNX actuator.

I have seen the document but my OpenHab is without the coding. Just added the things and bindings.

Hope this information helps.

You would normally link your KNX Thing channel to an Item as well.

Hi Rossko, thank you for replying.
Is there a manual on how to link KNX Things channels to items?
Thank you

There’s more than one way to do it, PaperUI or files. Your choice.
It’s the same for any binding with channels.

I am using PaperUI.
So how do i link the Thing channel to an Item as well like you suggested?

I got it working!
My KNX/IP gateway was setup as router but i changed it to tunnel and added the IP and now it works :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I don’t use PaperUI. I think you probably poke the big blue button next to the channel name.

The Items are needed for any rules or proper UI work.

Another quick question.
On the website it says there is a Denon Heos binding:
But in my add-ons -> bindings list, it is not there.
Can it be found somewhere else or is it removed?

It’s labelled as “Heos Binding” in PaperUI.

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Hi rpwong, that is also not in my list…

Here’s what I’m seeing. What version of OH are you running? I’m on 2.5.1.

Under PaperUI > Configuration > System, make sure “Access Remote Repository” is on, and saved.

Yes, the “acces remote repository” is on and saved.
Still not there.

Aantekening 2020-03-17 194741

Sounds like it’s fallen off the 2.4 list somehow, doubt that will get fixed now.
You’ll have to manually install 2.4 binding

Care to explain how i do that :slight_smile: ?

Basically, you put a jar file in /addons

So your next task is obtaining a 2.4 jar file for the heos binding, which I think should be in the standard 2.4 download package ‘addons’ kar file