MAP transformed state is not shown in HABPanel


I have knx based automation and want to set up a couple of HBPanels. The issue I’m trying to resolve is that the original state of the item is shown and not the transformed one.
The MAP transformation I use works well in Sitemaps. The same transformation has been added to channel configuration and looks like it works well as well (though I do not know how to check it, if the .map file has an issue, I get warning in the log on update).
I checked REST /items/ endpoint for my item, and it does not contain a transformedState field, just a state field is available.
Not sure where to look, please advise if anyone has HABPanel working with tranformations and knx2 binding,


I understand HABpanel widgets allow you to select server-formatted states (which would include transforms), or raw.

No, unfortunately it does not work regardless of any settings I found. I use Dummy widgets. “Use server-provided format if available” does not change anything and specifying transformation in “Format” does not work as well.

Well, the feature was written into HABpanel three years ago, and it works for others.

That’s your problem right there, post your item definition, there’s surely something wrong with it.