MaryTTS Not Working - No AudioSink

I’m running the OH2 Beta 4 and trying to get MaryTTS voice working on Windows 10, but never hear any sound.

I turned on debug for TTSService and VoiceManager in Karaf and get this message in the log whenever a “say” is executed from a rule or using Karaf console e.g. smarthome:voice say “hello world”

2016-10-09 14:49:11.032 [DEBUG] [se.smarthome.core.voice.VoiceManager] - No AudioSink service available!

I have a number of different audio device, so I tried disabling any disconnected or unused ones but still no luck.

See here - this only works since build #519 onwards.

I am runing build #550 and I get this error when:

smarthome:voice say "hello world"

2016-10-21 11:49:11.036 [DEBUG] [se.smarthome.core.voice.VoiceManager] - Error saying “hello world”

Is there any manual for MaryTTS or how the new audio sink works? I can’t find any.

Not yet, this still needs to be documented.
There is an issue with the voice selection, though, see here - this might be your issue.