Matching two JSON fields

Is it possible to bind an item to an MQTT message in JSON format where multiple fields must satisfy a criteria?

For example:

RTL433 {“time”:“2019-08-10 13:57:32”,“model”:“Acurite Lightning 6045M”,“id”:152,“channel”:“A”,“temperature_F”:90.5,“humidity”:50,“strike_count”:41,“storm_dist”:0,“active”:0,“rfi”:0,“ussb1”:1,“battery”:“OK”,“exception”:0,“raw_msg”:“c0986fb21265a9c059”}

The RTL433 topic is going to be general, and I don’t think that’s going to scale. I would like to link a number item to this particular sensor’s temperature. So, in this example, I want to bind the value of 90.5 to this number item only when the id=152 and model=“Acurite Lightning 6045M”.

It seems to me like a better approach is to do a transform external to OpenHab, where the RTL433 topic is parsed by an MQTT client. It then sends that data to MQTT where the topic is a more appropriate model/ID.

Anyway, I thought I’d ask if this is easily done in OH, otherwise, I’ll write up a quick script to do this outside of OH.

Okay, it always seems like after I post to a forum, in doing so, I think about the problem differently, and am able to find a solution.
In this case, I’m using RTL_433, and I am able to modify the topic like so:

rtl_433 -F “mqtt://,events=BKM433[/model][/id]”

However, I am curious if JSON parsing can be done as in my question. I’m thinking that it’s not.

See here; not double parsing JSON, but matching for fixed strings before parsing