Meek Devices

We’re currently developing Smart Devices and our initial devices will be the wall Switches.

These Meek devices are equipped with an ESP8266 unit in combination with ESPEasy. We’re finalizing the development of the Hardware & Software of Meek MT1.
The Meek MT1, is a 1 button Touch switch with a WS2812B state indicator and is expandable with a ds18b20 temperature sensor, a RCWL-0516 doppler radar detector ( presence detector instead of a regular PIR) , speaker for RTTTL, … and in the future we’ll equip these with more options (for instance BMP180 , BME280 , RFID reader, … ).

For the time being, we’re searching for openHAB developpers/enthusiast, that are willing to integrate our switches in their own environment for testing purposes.

This feedback from the community will enable us to improve and optimize our products even more.
If you’re interested, please let us know so we can work some things out !

Update 15Mar18 : due to the high amount of subscriptions to participate in our test panel, we’re forced to close the subscriptions as of per 15 March 2018.

Thank you for your understanding.

Interesting product, will the switch interface with AC as well, or is it more of an actuator for other automation controls?

I could envision having these around the house for local environment monitoring, as well as activation of room-specific scenes.

Do you have any photos or other info on the switch?

Where are you from? I can´t find an impressum on or contact adress on your website.

Attached you’ll find some pictures of the internals and a switch in operation.

The pictures of the PCB’s are from an older design and once the newest PCB’s are assembled, I will post some pictures here.

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That form factor appears to be suited for Europe? Are you planning to make a US version?

Will you be applying for any UL or CE approvals? Depending on the market, you might not be able to sell these (legally) without one.

I’m from the Netherlands (beautiful Zeeland to be precise) and our site is currently in development and this data will be updated altogether with an fresh web interface.

The first versions will be for the EU market. Besides the fact that we’re (Team Meek) located in the Netherlands, in general, the EU in wall socket dimensions are one of the most smallest around. So if we’re able to put all these electronics in a EU form socket, the rest shouldn’t be a big problem.

With regards to the certifications, this is something that we’re considering, but as a start-up with limited resources, this is something that we will pick this up once the development reaches maturity level to mass produce these devices.
That being said/written, our designs are being inspected by certified personal and where applicable, revised to comply with the regulatory ( for instance IPC9592 ). So from a safety perspective, these are well designed and safe to use for daily operations. In fact, we have several devices running on various location for testing purposes in a real life environment and they all work like a charm. Once in a while we do take them apart to do some inspection and testing.

So for the first batches we’ll include a :
If you order or use this, you agree to - and understand that, the author is not liable for any injury or damage howsoever caused and that you use this device at your own risk. This is DIY and the author has not made any professional tests. This product has not been marked with any certification marks and can’t be guaranteed to compliance with any standards.

But the early adaptors that we’re aiming on, they will gain access to developmental devices and will have other advantages for supporting us on an early stage.

It would be great, if you could make a version for german frames with 50mm or 55mm too.

Look here for example:

These switches are designed as a replacement for the existing light switches. So you can directly control 230V lighting with these switches.
One thing to consider is that these switches do need a Neutral Line. So you need at least 3 wires : Line, Neutral and a Switch cable.

If you want the switches to only send commands - no direct connected lights, then i have to connect the switches with 230V - is this right? No chance to use 12v or 24v for example?

As far as I know, the German (and majority of European “in wall junctions boxes”) are compatible. So you should be able to use these in Germany (in fact, I will be in Germany within 3 weeks, so I will poke one open to inspect :slight_smile: ).

I´m sure it will fit into the flush mount cases in germany, but you don´t have a version, which will fit into the frames i think?

Your switch can only be installed stand alone, not combined with maybe a wall outlet in a double-frame.

We’re in contact with our main supplier/manufacturer of the casings, and the double-framed touch switch is in development and expected to be launched in March.
I need these double socket for my own situation also. In my house, I have several places with double and even triple sockets.
One of the places where I want to replace my existing double-framed switches by a Meek switch, is in the bathroom.

I want to replace this to automate our Mechanical Ventilation(motor), that whenever the humidity level exceeds a predefined level(when taking a shower/bath), the motor will be automatically triggered to run on a higher level.
In these switches, I eventually like to include a BME280 sensor in the Meek MM1, so it can operate autonomously. This can easily be achieved with the ESPEasy rules statements.

We’re also chasing our supplier to develop a combination with a double-framed Touch & Wall socket casings. Unfortunately, this is not available yet, but this is something that I personally will pursue to make it happen.

I’m looking for switches which are fitting into my gira frames. No need for extra frames from your supplier. It should fit to my whole house installation and be integrateable.

Exactly my point of view.
I have about 180 switches, 230v sockets, ethernet sockets, sat tv sockets, etc in my house. All with Gira frames & covers.
I can’t mix my Gira frames and covers with other manufacturers designs. My wife would kill me.

So what I need is a switch insert that fits into Gira frames and accepts Gira switch covers. Other would need the same for another brand. Just in Germany there is maybe four manufacturers owning most of the market: Mertens, Berker, Busch-Jäger, Gira, etc

I know that building different inserts to fit different frames and covers is some effort, but not much more than the switch with your own frame & cover.
Honestly I’d rather pay 30 bucks just for the insert and bring my own existing frame & cover, than pay 20 bucks for a switch that comes with frame & cover but doesn’t match the other switches in the house.

Oh, and are you planning to offer such a switch in a DIN rail mounted package?
Many if not most houses in Germany have these momentary switches with a stateful DIN relais for the entrance hall and corridor.
A DIN rail mounted device could be useful there.

In fact in another house I have a star wiring topology throughout. That is every single switch / socket / light has its own wire to a switchbox. No ordinary switches there, just momentay switches and five switch boxes full of stateful relays on DIN rails.
Don’t ask how many kilometers of wiring…

Only a PR-Gag?
I think, there are more people interessted on testing.
I straightaway send a PN, but not even get a answer.

Hi Meek (actually your real name would be nice to know)
Your device looks pretty simple. It would be great if it had an interaction with Hue devices - without needing openHAB or another system. The world is waiting for simple wall devices (non detachable) that can switch on and off Hue lamps. Everything Philips offers is either detachable (not suited for children) or has several buttons that people that aren’t instructed or don’t have a feeling with home automation (like our babysitters) can’t use.

We indeed got “several applicants” :slight_smile:

The amount of candidates (also outside openHAB) were more than we could cope with at this moment.

We’re doing our utmost to satisfy and respond to every applicant, so those who did not received a response yet, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We do want to thank every applicant that showed interest in this project.