Mercedes Me

Mercedes stopped their support of BYOCAR API
Official Binding from openHAB distribution doesn’t work anymore.
This binding provides now a solution based on Smartphone SDK
This is a breaking change and you need a new setup of your vehicles. See below readme for further instructions.

The binding provides access to your Mercedes vehicles.

  • Conventional Fuel Vehicle
  • Plugin-Hybrid Electrical Vehicle
  • Battery Electric Vehicle

Recommend read ist the readme for setup and provided channels. Especially setting up your account bridge is the most difficult part.


Version 2.5-rc

Release candidate

  • Starter Battery mappings added
  • park-brake missing in readme
  • max-soc channel unit %
  • Bugfix: End Websockt if disconnected from server side

Version 2.4-beta

Version 2.3-alpha

  • readme finalized
  • command channels switched from String to Nnumber with State Mapping
  • handling of multiple charge programs
  • handling of multiple climatization zones
  • HVAC Seats marked as read-only
  • Bugfix: Sunroof channel readonly - now writable
  • Bugfix: negative GPS coordinates not distrubted

Version 2.2-alpha

  • merged doors#sunroof-control channel into doors#sunroof
    Channel is now writable with command options described in readme
  • merged window#windows-control channel and vehicle#window-sattus into vehicle#windows.
    Channel is now writable with command options described in readme
  • merged lock#lock-control with vehicle#lock-status into vehicle#lock
    Channel is now writable with command options described in readme
  • bugfix channel update after adding vehicle thing
  • proto-update
    • channel only updated if item is linked to reduce logging
    • position corrdinates latitude & lonngitude anonymized
    • contains now binding version and vehicle type
"bindingInfo": {
		"version": "2.2-alpha",
		"vehicle": "mercedesme:bev"

Version 2.1-alpha

Bugfixes and enhancement based on previous 2.0-alpha version

  • Imperial Units
  • sendPoi Action
  • command channel group
  • intelligent socket handling - keep alive if charging or driving to get live updates
  • trip avg consumption handling
  • timestamps corrected
  • full proto to json

Version 2.0-alpha

Back to Alpha version! Mercedes stopped their API support on short notice. Therefore the backend of this binding is now shut down and it isn’t working anymore!

New Implementation is based on Smartphone SDK which comes with breaking changes. Your previously configured Bridges and Things will not work anymore:

  • different authorization
  • different configuration
  • different data provided

Check new readme to set up everything correctly.
Feedback highly appreciated!

Version 1.1

Mercedes Developer API migration

Version 1.0 - release candidate

  • fix json dependency version

Version 0.5

  • fix translation file

Version 0.4

  • first release candidate

Version 0.3

  • bugfix first initialization

Version 0.2

  • add last-update channel for each group

Version 0.1

  • initial release




Source Code


I got the binding to work after following the very well detailed readme. All worked fine until a reboot of my rpi. Since then, both things (the mercedes me account & the car) have the status UNINITIALIZED. I don’t see any errors in the log, and what is strange, is that I can’t change a thing in the settings of the mercedes me binding. I can only delete the things, all other settings have dissappeared. It didn’t change after another reboot.
Any ideas what went wrong or what to do? (Openhab 3.2.0)

Hi @knud,

I don’t know which version you installed but during the first version 0.1 and the current v1.0 release candidate several changes were made which are not 100% compatible. That’s somehow not avoidable because I got some valuable input from the Community and also from the maintainer reviews.

I suggest the following:

  • Delete your things and items
    • if you’ve files rename .things file to something like .things-orig
    • in UI go to MercedesMe things to Channels and Unlink all and Remove Items. Then delete all things. Note: Removing items doesn’t delete history data!
  • In Marketplace uninstall MeredesMe binding. Give it a minute for proper deinstallation
  • Install it again from Marketplace to have the latest version
  • rename your .things-orig file back to .things or create them in UI with the same labels and your history won’t be lost

Maybe you need to authorize once again calling the http://YOUR_IP:YOUR_PORT/mb-callback URL but after you’ve performed the painful first setup :wink: this is one click now.

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thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Is there a reason to maintain this binding as published in the marketplace, with a risk of confusion for the users, while the binding is now part of the official distribution?

@weymann : can you please answer?

Sometimes it’s nice to have such a space to test changes like v1.1 which required changes to handling API.
But ok for me to close it to avoid confusion.

Do I have to perform some actions to remove this from Marketplace?

Just remove the tag “published”.