Mercedes Me Binding

It’s time to share the Mercedes Me binding development. Got my EQA last week and got it running with Mercedes Benz integration. Based on this I started the development and it’s working since some days - time to check if it works out for you too.

Resources are available in the below repo.
Recommended read: readme for setting up bridge towards Mercedes Developer Project.

jar file:

kar file:

Feedback is highly appreciated!


It looks cool. I will try it out soon.

It is interesting that according to the readme you can monitor things like the doors, windows and light status. However I don’t see anything for monitoring status of tires, battery, coolant, washer fluid etc. Or am I missing something? Also I wonder if it can (and indeed should) monitor the vehicle alarm status, and the collision alarm (in case someone bumps the car in the parking lot).

Yes, please give it a try.

I owned an BMW before and much more data is provided. The 1st goal of this binding is to provide the official supported data from Mercedes.

I’m on the same page. Mercedes is providing much more data on their Mercedes Me App and I want these information too in openHAB - check control messages, tire pressure, max battery load, climatization, gps coordinates, service dates … But simply it isn’t accessible for now.

So let’s start with the official provided data and I’ll press Mercedes to provide more data for our purposes.

On the official supported data from Mercedes link that you provided, you had explicitly checked the ‘BYOCAR’ package. I am not sure what ‘BYOCAR’ is actually, but if you deselect it, the web page seems to imply that many if not most of the data that is available in Mercedes Me could also be available via the API.


BYOCAR is Build Your Own CAR and these APIs are free to access for everybody.

Select any other product and you’ll have and / or

  • sandbox version which provides only sample data
  • trial version with strictly limited calls
  • business version you’ve to pay for

See Traffic Sign Product with only Trial and Business version

I love to have these data but

  • sandbox data is useless for my specific vehicle
  • trial will simply stop after a certain amount of queries
  • business I don’t want to pay for data of my vehicle

We need to stress Mercedes–Benz /developers – The API platform by Mercedes-Benz in order to get more access to our own vehicles!

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