Meteo Alerte Binding do not receive data since May 2023

I just configured the meteo alerte binding for one of my openHAB installations and discovered that there is no data updates since May 2023.
The requested URL (in source code) is
One can explore this data source with the following URL: Risques Météorologiques – par départements — Opendatasoft

It seems that the new updated data source (with D+1 data integration) is at the address:

Alas, the data format as changed.

Is there an official maintainer for this bundle?

@glhopital is the creator of this binding.

I will have a look at this in a few days

From what I observe, this is not exactly the same dataset.
Good thing, having D+1 but the number of alerts is lower (floodings), on the other hand, we have coast information for department near a see or an ocean. I’m going to dig a bit to see if we could avoid losing some alert king - that is by the way always better than having nothing since may.

The information that the old data feed would stop on the 9th of May is available here.

The new data feed seems to be located on the portail-api now - and looking at the documentation it presents the same alerts than previously available but DTOs will have to be changed. This modification will be a bit more time consuming than I expected but so be it.

Also, users of this binding will now have to register on portail-api to get an API key.

Issue created in GH here and ongoing PR here


Any news about the update of this very useful Binding ? It is one of the most important one in my installation, who was working flawlessly (BTW, many thanks for this very nice piece of work), so very impatient to get it back working.

Best regards,

Sorry @Flyingfufu , I’ve been absorbed by other topics. Will try to get back to this one soon.

No need to be sorry, and many thanks for you prompt feedback !

Hello, It’s unfortunatly out of my competences to propose support to solve the issue, but I also still have a great interest in it’s resolution. :slight_smile:
Best regards

Thanks for the PR, it looks fine with my “naive” eyes.

I see that it needs to be approved before being merge-able. Do you know should be pinged to get things moving?

I’d really love to have it working with openHAB 4.1 but I’m not sure it would be easily backported

Don’t get hopeless - I’m currently working on this one. Expect some news in some days or weeks.


There’s a ready to test version : org.openhab.binding.meteoalerte-4.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar - Google Drive

Thanks a lot for this updated binding.
Unfortunatly, at the moment, we are still using version 3.4.5 (we are planning to migrate to 4 in few weeks, but still need to run few tests before switching over).
Does this new binding code is compatible with 3.4.5 or not ? If so, would it be possible to have the corresponding jar ?
Once again, many thanks for this binding update

I’ve downloaded the Jar and loaded it in OpenHab. However, i’m struggling with the API key.
Do I have to put the API Key token or the OAuth2 token ? If API Key (as I guess) is there a preferred duration to put in before generating the token ?
So far, I’ve tried with both and various duration but the bridge status does not change and remain always “Unkown”…
Any idea about what I coud be doing wrong or how I can further help and test ?

Yes, use Api key. I created mine with a duration of 0. It seems to work fine. Create a department, your bridge should go online (one improvement I have to do)

Basically it can be ported but this version takes advantage of many post java 8 évolutions, so it would be big work

Thanks for the feedback.

Just tried. Both the bridge and Department show status “unknown” with no change even after few minutes (pooling set to 60 sec).

Also, some department give a “Status : error”, with “configuration error, erroneous department” (ie Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin, Charente Maritime, etc…). It seems to affect any department where the name is constituted of multiple words.


Ok, let me see that tomorrow

File in the link above has been updated. You can give it a try. The bridge should go online as soon as configured (if configuration is correct of course) without having to wait for a Department thing.
On my side, I have no issue accessing wathever department, being single or multiple worded.

OK, no problem if the backport is not easy, I will test the new binding with openHAB 4 in my test environment. If everything works, I’ll put the binding into production when I update the version to OH4.