Miele@home vs. Home Connect vs. ? Offline solution

I have used openhab for years now. Thank you for the cool project.

I want to buy appliances for a new house: dish washer, oven, stove, washing machine, drier… and want to have them integrated in openhab via an offline solution. What I know:

  • Miele@home has 3 generations, each using a different communication medium: (1) powerline, (2) zigbee, (3) wifi. There is a gateway Gateway XGW 3000 but as far as I understood, this is only useful for the 2nd generation using zigbee and not for the 3rd generation using wifi (product name WiFiConn@ct). Current appliances only use the 3rd generation, except the cooktop which still communicates via zigbee with the oven. The 3rd generation appliances connect to some cloud service of Miele. There is an app to control or get status of the appliances. There is no offline functionality and no API for the cloud service.

  • I invested more time and energy into Home Connect (http://www.home-connect.com) used by the BSH Group. Home connect has only (thank god) one medium: wifi. Appliances connect to a cloud service. An app is available to control or get status of the appliances. There is an official API in beta state to communicate with your own appliances via the cloud service (Will there be a "Bosch Smart Home" binding?). I was also in contact with the home connect service, who pointed me to:

  • there is a switch per device to deactivate the connection from the appliance to the cloud service. This puts the appliance into a non-cloud mode.

  • in the non-cloud mode it is still possible to use the app on the smart phone to control or get status, but only in the local network (see http://www.home-connect.com/media/content/downloads/Terms_of_Use_EN.pdf point 4)

  • Communication in local network uses AES: The communication in the home network between the communication module of the appliance and the Home Connect app uses the codification algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). source: http://www.home-connect.com/us/en/


  • Is this summary of Miele@home and Home Connect correct?

  • Are there other manufacturers offering home appliances with APIs or that can be integrated to openhab?

  • Is anybody working on reverse engineering the local protocol between the home connect app and the appliances?



Super interested in that one as well. I am in search for smart appliances.

This is super interesting, as I just ordered my first washing machine with home connect (WAHY2840), and am thinking about writing a binding for it…

@jonas4711 The 3rd generation can also communicate with the XGW 3000 (and therefore with openHAB). It is found from openHAB, but unfortunately the miele binding of @kgoderis is not compatible with it because this binding only knows zigbee and not lan.


I bought a washing machine and a tumble dryer with Miele wifi module. I have the same problem and wish to integrate it into openhab2. I tried to get more information from Miele about the connectivity to smart home software. I got no reaction. It seems to me as long as Miele can sell the very expensive zigbee gateway, they are not interested in a cheaper solution especially with open source software.