Will there be a "Bosch Smart Home" binding?

Any updates around a Home Connect binding?


I don’t know how much the nefit and the bosch protocol are alike, but in the mean time I have a basic binding for it here.
The communication and encryption parts are working, which was the touch part.

I also tried to document the protocol so it is easier to implement

Is the Bosch similar? If yes, maybe it I’d as simple as changing the server names etc.

The binding is still quite a hack, I’ll post it once more cleaned

Hallo Marcel,

I am an OH2 beginner and also have a Nefit-Easy and would like some more information about the possible present and how to handle it, with some examples of, for example, the Sitemap ed.
(I’m also a Dutch user who will make it easier?)
With best regards,

For now, my binding is not ready enough for sharing…It got bit delayed as I am developing the Xiaomi Mi binding.
Hence you can use link in the above mails to import data to OH. ( https://github.com/robertklep/nefit-easy-client)
Will share the binding in the marketplace and provide some samples once mine ready for general testing.

is nefit the nederland brand for bosch heatings?

if so its probably more like the KM200 binding ?

Hello Marcel,

What do you expect when the binding is ready?

@canshome no commitments… unfortunately. Spare time is what it is called… sparse …

What I can say… I did buy the thermostat as I wanted it in OH. Winter is coming… so my needs start to increase :slight_smile:

git clone https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons.git
git checkout -b homeconnect-binding
yadda yadda yadda :) 

I just started, wish me luck :slight_smile:



any news on that binding? Is a test version already available?


Any updates on Bosch Smart Home Binding?

@canshome for the folks interested in Nefit… I’ve cleaned my development a bit and posted basic version that shows the communication here https://github.com/marcelrv/openhab2/tree/nefit

Note that it only has 2 channels and no possibility to set the temperature, just see room & set temperature.

@marcel_verpaalen I’m very interested but I don’t know how to download the bindig (jar?) from Github. Can you give me a clue?

hi @loovanloon
There is no download of jar available atm, you will need to download and compile yourself.
Once bit further, I’ll make it available via the market place, but given that little error handling, little functionality is there I see it more as a developer version than an user version.

Thanks for your clarification.

Just for my understanding…

This is ,Home Connect, from Bosch Home Appliances … correct?

Not the Bosch Smarthome? https://www.bosch-smarthome.com/


@shorty707 the development I did is specifically for the nefit easy thermostat.
as I understood it has many similarities, but I have not checked it, nor made any attempts to support a wider range.
As soon as it is somewhat usable, I’ll make a separate thread for it to avoid the confusion.

I think @hakan is aiming to make a more elaborate binding focussed on supporting devices from the bosch smart home eco system

Since some days before Christmas there is a description of the Bosch Smarthome REST-API available - but so far only Bosch internal.
I asked when it will be made available public.

Because here is asked for two different systems:
Bosch smart home and BSH Home Connect:
I try to implement a Bosch Home Connect binding for the household devices at the moment.

Hello @marcel_verpaalen, did you ever continue work on this binding?

Hi @stfn82 unfortunately I was not able to make the sending of commands messaging working in the same way the device expects.
The libs (smack) I used send valid messages, whereas the device expects some non-standard behavior I did not manage to replicate. (it is mainly in the way & signs are coded and the CR & LF’s. If smack lib allowed to do a replace of & and CR’s I would be fine)

Receiving & decrypting is fine, the strangeness of the messages can be worked around, but sending messages that don’t adhere to the standard, I did not manage.

Currently the only way I see to control the device is to use the https://github.com/robertklep/nefit-easy-client and send commands through that. The have a hack to the XMPP message to transform it to be accepted by the device.

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