Miele @ Home / XKS 3100W

Hello everybody

I installed a Miele XKS 3100 W with my freezer today. Unfortunately, I realized that this does not work with the current Miele Binding. Or. This WLAN adapter is recognized as a Miele XGW3000 gateway and then I miss a thing to deposit items.
I would actually like to spare an expensive Miele gateway and is technically not necessary.
My further research has shown that the connection to other smart home systems are a little further, but not quite mature.
Unfortunately, I do not have enough programming experience to make such a commitment. If someone has interest and time, have a look at these websites. Even the Miele @ Home team has integrated here:
And here I found a PHP version:

Thank you for your help and support.

FYI, there’s good news on this, see Miele Cloud-binding