Migrating zwave between OH2 installations

I was previously running OH2 on a Pine64 running the beta zwave binding. I’m now going to the latest, released zwave binding on a new installation on a different server (a supermicro server running OH2 in a proxmox lxc container). What is the easiest way to migrate my items and maintain my zwave configurations, such as zwave parameters pushed to the devices?


The configuration parameters are pushed to the devices and would be pulled down, so there shouldn’t be anything needed to be done for these.

I would do a backup of the old, restore on the new hardware, then upgrade bindings. If an OH upgrade is part of the plans, then I’d wait until everything was up and running on the new hardware. Although, something to consider is that backup/restore scripts are now included in the latest snapshots. So if you don’t have backup/restore scripts and were planning to upgrade to the snapshot builds, it may be better to upgrade first.

… or were you asking for a way to only migrate the zwave items?

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I was asking to migrate everything but especially zwave since I knew it had some extra letters of configuration. I think you pretty much answered it for me, thanks!

@5iver Might there anyhow a chance to migrate the whole z-wave Installation to a new machine without running into the hassle of having to newly pair especially the secure connection of my lock? As far as I remember there is additional information stored on openHAB with is not stored on the USB-stick and won’t therefore be transferred via the stick.

So long as you copy over the key from one machine to the other, it should work fine. The key is stored in the controller things configuration.

You could also copy over the xml files, but this is not necessary and is not likely to work unless you keep the thing UID the same.

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Thanks @chris - As I did not install my things manually (I only maintain my items) - the key is then probably stored somewhere in the database without having the chance to migrate? Is there an option to fix my current installation before I migrate (for example add thing manually)?

Yes, it’s stored in the thing configuration, so is in the database, but there’s no problem to migrate it. You just need to copy it from your old system to the new system and type it back in to PaperUI in your new system.

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@chris I moved this morning to Pi4 with my backup and the UID from the old system. Unfortunately the controller (Aeotec’s Z-Stick Gen5) is offline. I already did

 sudo usermod -a -G dialout openhab

I have no idea at the moment what it might be.

Here we go - a common problem

Sorry - i’m not really familiar with the Pi, but I don’t think that this is a problem with the binding or the migration of openHAB. If there is nothing showing in the device list, then there is presumably an issue with the hardware?

If that is a new Raspberry Pi 4, you need to plug the stick into a USB hub as stated in your link.
There is a USB standards issue with the Pi 4 that was not caught in pre-release testing. The hub works around the issue.

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I switched my equipment over to a NUC today from a Pi3… I did the backup using the CLI on OH3.0.1 and restored to OH3.0.1 on the NUC… I confirmed that the z-wave key was successfully transferred and is correct, I confirmed the the /dev/tty files are correct, but my z-wave controller still shows as “OFFLINE” on the new host… Any suggestions?

AHA!!! I found my problem… I had not copied the EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS from my Pi3 to tell the JVM where it was allowed to look for Serial devices. Once I changed the /etc/default/openhab file to have something like:


Everything came back up on restart!!!


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