Mimic Text-To-Speech


Mimic (version 3 and above) is an offline open source Text-To-speech engine designed by Mycroft A.I. for the eponym Vocal Assistant.


It provides multiple voices, available in different languages and variants.
Its neural network is built upon some very good and some not-so-good models. Try some to be sure you get the best one for your need.
Mimic3 doesn’t need Mycroft, it can be run standalone as a service or command line utility.
When launched as a web server, it exposes its capability through a web API. This TTS bundle make use of this feature, so please take note : this openHAB TTS bundle is NOT a standalone ! it requires Mimic web server to run somewhere (on your openHAB computer, or your network)


Version 3.4.0_POST_method

  • Using a POST method allows for longer request

Version 3.4.0_PR0

  • initial release



Excellent, thanks.

I’ll give this a try.

Do you know if I can run it on a RPI3?

I don’t know, I didn’t try either. But the result interests me.
The mycroft website advices for a PI4, but the 3 is also mentionned. It is worth a try but I can’t as my PI3s are in armv7 os (the RTF seems very bad on it).

CPU specs of RPi 4 vs 3 don’t make for a large difference so I’d guess yes it should do. The 3 is very memory constrained though so it depends on much else you run there.