Min-max range for MQTT dimmer type

I’m new to OpenHAB (but with years of Home Assistant experience), and was trying to set up a ceiling light running Tasmota through MQTT.

MQTT result messages look like this:

stat/utorch2/RESULT {"POWER":"ON","Dimmer":47,"Color":"393E","HSBColor":"0,0,47","Channel":[22,24],"CT":334}

while the brightness and colour temperature commands go into cmnd/utorch2/DIMMER and cmnd/utorch2/CT

There was no problem with the brightness, probably because it has the same 0-100 range as the dimmer item, so no transformation required. It works fine, if I change brightness of the light in HA, the slider in OpenHAB also changes.

I cannot get colour temperature to work the same way though, probably because its range is from 153-500, so I’ve specified min=153, max=500 in the MQTT thing channel:

Thing mqtt:topic:entry "Előszoba" (mqtt:broker:MQTT) {
    Type string : reachable "Reachable"   [ stateTopic="tele/utorch2/LWT" ]
    Type switch : power     "Power"       [ stateTopic="stat/utorch2/POWER",  commandTopic="cmnd/utorch2/POWER" ]
    Type dimmer : dimmer    "Brightness"  [ stateTopic="stat/utorch2/RESULT", commandTopic="cmnd/utorch2/DIMMER", transformationPattern="REGEX:(.*Dimmer.*)∩JSONPATH:$.Dimmer" ]
    Type dimmer : colortemp "Color Temp"  [ stateTopic="stat/utorch2/RESULT", commandTopic="cmnd/utorch2/CT", transformationPattern="REGEX:(.*CT.*)∩JSONPATH:$.CT", min=153, max=500 ]

with this item definition:

Group  gEntryLight                  "Előszoba lámpa"    <light> (Entry)             ["Lightbulb"]
Switch EntryLightControl            "Lámpa"             <light> (gEntryLight)       ["Control"]  { channel="mqtt:topic:entry:power" }
Dimmer EntryLightBrightness         "Fényerő"           <light> (gEntryLight)       ["Light"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:entry:dimmer", autoupdate="false" }
Dimmer EntryLightColor              "Színhőmérséklet"   <light> (gEntryLight)       ["Light"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:entry:colortemp", autoupdate="false" }

Now when I set CT to 327 in Home Assistant, I can see in OpenHAB events.log that EntryLightColor changes to about 50, which is fine, so the mapping/transformation was done from the range 153-500 where 327 is in the middle, so 50% is correct for a dimmer slider.

But in OpenHAB UI, it seems not only the displayed range of the slider has to be 153-500, but also the value, as the dot (with the value of “50”) is way off the scale on the left:

Also, if I move the slider to anywhere, no MQTT message is generated, I guess because the 0-100 value is out-of-range for 153-500. It seems there is no range mapping for the slider, even though its scale is correct.

So what can be done to map the 0-100 range of the slider correctly to the 153-500 range of the MQTT channel? Shouldn’t it be automatic when min, max values are specified?

I can’t test this right now, so apologies, but I think you’ll want a combination of this issue and this post where it says

We have to make one small adjustment to the Item created for the Dimmer Channel:

Items -> PorchLight_Dimmer -> Add Metadata -> State Description

Min: 0
Max: 100

adjusting for your min and max…

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I prefer setting everything up in config files, and found in your topic how to add metadata to an item, so item config now has stateDescription=""[min="0", max="100"] added to it:

Dimmer EntryLightColor "Színhőmérséklet"   <light> (gEntryLight) ["Light"]  { channel="mqtt:topic:entry:colortemp", autoupdate="false", stateDescription=""[min="0", max="100"] }

which resulted in changing into 0-100 range, with the slider dot at correct position:

I’d still rather have the range left in 153-500 as it was before (and somehow have the transformation done between that and 0-100), but the the point is now it reflects the state of the lamps colour temperature correctly, and most importantly, changing the slider creates MQTT message, so it finally works!

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