Mios Binding Thermostat transform

I’ve been using the mios binding for a couple of weeks to control my zwave devices. I find it works perfectly fine. The odd issue is I get mapping warnings in my logs. The action still happens but throws a warning. They point to the *.map file which are basically empty. For example:

2016-01-10 06:00:00.258 [WARN ] [t.i.s.MapTransformationService] - Could not find a mapping for ‘55’ in the file ‘miosTStatSetpointHeatCommand.map’


For TStats, the binding can receive either Up/Down commands, or a raw temperature Command (as a number)

These are transformed, using a (static) MAP file, prior to being sent to Vera/MiOS.

For Up/Down commands, there’s an entry directly in the MAP file, so a single transformation is performed.

For raw temperature commands, the ‘value’ is looked up in the MAP file, which fails, and a subsequent lookup is made for a transformation entry _default which will match.

The warning comes from the miss on the first lookup. It can safely be ignored.

Thank you sir. I kinda assumed and had been but figured it was time to make sure. I have the same with my dimmers but again, they work fine.

Sorry, I missed this part. Yes, Dimmers, and Volume commands, work the same way as TStats so they’ll all emit the warning messages from the MAP Transformation layer. It also happens in openHAB 2.x, as @lolodomo recently commented.