Missing: A binding for Discovergy Smart Meters! :-)

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Hi there! Is anybody out there using a Discovergy Smart Meter … and having already developed a (private) OpenHAB binding for getting the smartmeter data into our smarthome management system? Well, if yes I would be very happy if I could also use your binding! :slight_smile:

If not, would anybody out there be able to help me develop a binding to acces their API with OAuth (see https://api.discovergy.com/docs/)???

Best regards,

Hey @chrugel
I am waiting for my electrician to install my SmartMeter.
This one will work with ZigBee or Z-Wave not sure, have to look into the docs again :slight_smile:
When it’s installed I ofc want the data in openHAB :smiley: so I will report back if and how I made progress.

Is this a DISCOVERGY smart meter? If not, you might want to check the existing smart meter binding(s), then might already serve your needs.

No it’s from https://qubino.com/products/smart-meter/

Well, then it’s neither a real “smart meter” in the sense that it communicates the measured energy consumptions to the supplier for monitoring and billing (see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_meter) but just a private energy meter that allows to access your measurement data via Z-Wave … nor is it the specific smart meter from Discovergy that can be accessed via their API with OAuth2 authentication … which is the specific setting for which I am searching a binding (and for which I started this dedicated thread). :wink:

But all the best for your energy metering - I’m sure you’ll get you meter connected to OpenHAB easily! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I wrote a tutorial for how to implement OAuth using Rules and a web page. You need to use myopenhab.org but it worked out well for what I was trying. In the end the service I was trying to integrate didn’t provide useful information, but the OAuth part worked. OAuth2 using just OH Rules and myopenhab.org.

That’s really the hard part. Once you’re in to the service, it’s just a matter of making the HTTP calls and parsing the results.

Having said that, given that they provide a full example in Java, a binding wouldn’t be too much effort for someone who would want a relatively easy first binding to implement. I don’t have this meter so have no way to help beyond the link above.

Here is some information that could help:

  1. I see in their api they can return raw data. I don’t know what that is, but if it’s obis data you might be able to build upon an existing binding. There are several bindings that work with some kind of obis variants. So you might want to research what you can reuse or extend and existing binding with a new thing and reuse the logic of parsing the data.
  2. They provide an example that might be a good starting point. the api uses OAuth 1. There is no support out-of-the-box in openHAB so you need to add that yourself. However in their example they use a library you could also use. One thing to look into is to use the http service provided by openHAB and not an external library. The OAuth library they use supports different http libraries, but also can be integrated with the http service provided in openHAB.

Any progress here? I would love to see a binding. I am willing to get one and support with testing the binding.

Hey Christoph,
There is an european standard for meters called M-Bus/WM-Bus/OMS. There is a binding for it. It works with radio receivers (WM-Bus/OMS) for now: https://github.com/KuguHome/openhab-binding-wmbus/

Binding works with standard gas, heat, electricity, oil and water meters. Since this is standard mass produced equipment can be really cheap - radio enabled water meters or pulse converter hats start from 25€+ and range to several hundred for more advanced devices variants. Heat and electricity meters are slightly more expensive.
Did I mention that WM-Bus doesn’t need an account on supplier cloud infrastructure? Well, now I did. :wink:


same for me

I also would appreciate a Discovergy Binding.