Missing Units/mappings after value got updated in BasicUI

When the basicUI page first loaded, everything was perfect. but once the values got updated the unit and mappings was missing. Only the raw value was left. (e.g. 28.0 °C became 28.0; ) Browser was chrome.

Is it a known issue or maybe I’ve done something wrong?

@illxi, do your item definitions contain the format string?

Number    MyTemperature  "Temperature [%.1f] °C"          { someBinding:somevalue }

@Boby Thank you for your reply. Yes my item contain the format string.

Number A1_temperature “Kitchen Temperature [%.1f°C]” (gTemperature, gKitchen) [ “CurrentTemperature” ] { http="<[A1:1000:JSONPATH($.temperature)]" }
Number A1_luminance “Kitchen Luminance [MAP(A1_lumi.map):%d]” (gLuminance , gKitchen) { http="<[A1:1000:JSONPATH($.light)]" }
Number A1_noisy “Kitchen Noise Level [MAP(A1_nois.map):%d]” (gAirQuality, gKitchen) { http="<[A1:1000:JSONPATH($.noisy)]" }

Is it the same for other UI’s, like e.g. ClassicUi?

Is it possible that you didn’t test on the latest snapshots? This has been an issue since a long time, but was recently fixed, see https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/640.

@Kai I am using 2.0.0.b4 Build #477. Is it fixed in this version?

@Boby Just the BasicUI

No. Fixed with build #519, see Basic UI, TTS and more