MobaXtrem Terminal - software recommendation

Hi all somthing a litle off topic that i want to share

i am a youtube guy, i watch and do own my own(big suprise)
in all of the Linux videos , i see allot are using Putty
which is great , but other than feeling like a hacker , i dont really like it
in work i have license to MobaXtrem, and i am using it for the past five years
it also has a free version… that can do allot

one more thing this is for winodws users, i also have my OH runing on linux but intrecat with it
with somthing like 4 windows PCs (still not able to leave bill gates)

so here is some of the things i like in Moba ,that i dont see in other software…(maybe i just missed it)
maybe someone else will give it a try , why not its free right :slight_smile:

  1. connction is really easy , and a wide varity of session types
  2. you can do macros
  3. you can start the macros from CMD , for exmple , a simple shortcut can get you to logs of OH
  4. SSH tunnels are very easy … i am sure it is possible on Putty
  5. and over all the the design that you have the SFTP on the left side and a big terminal on the right side , is very convient(for me)

so over all i just wanted to recmmoned this … its been a great help for a windows guy like me
i know some linux , but sometimes you just want to do copy and past
or drag and drop and be done with that…

also this is a very powerfull tool for Home auto , when you combine 1,2,3 from Pros above you can do allot

if anyone else knows of other cool termnials please say somthing
its fun testing this kind of software,

Cheers :slight_smile:

I only use Windows at work and almost all of my SSH is done through Windows Subsystem for Linux using an Ubuntu 18.04 distro. This gives me a nice and familiar command line environment that looks and works just like the environments I’m ssh’ing into. I can’t wait until IT pushes out a new enough Windows Update where I’ll be able to use the new Windows Terminal. My only complaint is their choice for dark blue is too dark to read on the black background and I’ve not yet investigated how to change that.

Indeed, SSH tunnels are possible on Putty.

As a more generic tool for SSH, RDP, VNC, VPN, and similar type stuff I use RemoteDesktopManager (RDM). It’s kind of a swiss-army-knife for remote access to machines complete including the ability to import ssh certificates and such. For example, I have one connection that I double click and it establishes an ssh tunnel, authenticates using my certificate, and then opens a VNC client to connect through the tunnel.

Looking at it from the other direction, there is Apache Guacamole which sets up a server that provides access to your machines (graphical or just terminal) through a browser.


i know RDM , for some reason i dont like it…

will test Apache Guacamole… :slight_smile:
from first look its only for linux? :upside_down_face:?

The server part of it runs on Linux or Docker so you should be able to run the server part in Docker on Windows if you need to or install it on WSL or a VM. But since you are accessing Linux machines using MobaXTerm it seems reasonable to think you can install it on one of those Linux machines.

There is no program required to access the machines after that point beyond a relatively recent browser so you can access everything from Windows. And it supports VNC as well as RDP, both of which are supported by Windows so you can access your Windows machine through Guacamole too IIUC.

The whole point of Guacamole is to provide a web based gateway to access and administer your machines through a browser.

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i will check more …yes i can run on one of my linux , but how can i connect my windows PC to that account
in teamviwer lets say you can add a PC or have partner number , trying to understand how it workds there , can you contorol also a windwos PC, with no docker config?

Guacamole is a gateway to your machines. You access it using a web browser. So you would access your machines just using a modern browser. See

As for how Guacamole accesses your machines, looking at the architecture can be informative: and then review, in particular the “Configuring Connections” section.

You can also connect to one of your machines with a quick connect. For example, if you have a Windows machine running RDP, put in the URI for the RDP connection in the quick connect field and it will open the RDP connection.