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Hey Guys,

Recently started off on OpenHAB 1.8 and then made the switch to 2.0. I’m having issues connecting with my openHAB app. I can connect via the local network EG: through my browser, but when I point to that address via the app it doesn’t go anywhere and I get an error stating: “HTTP Error: server Error”. Also the autodiscover doesn’t work in the app to find my sitemap either. Thoughts?
log file

could it be that only the version on cloudbees ( is working with openHAB 2, the one in the Play Store is too old.

pls try this out.


I will try this when I get home! Thanks.

i have it working on rhe play store app.

openHAB url must have

will be able to choose the sitemap once it connects.

Yes, but that does not mean that the auto-discovery from the app works.
The default openHAB distro does not contain the mDNS bundle and thus it does not announce itself - I have just fixed that and tomorrows build of the distro should then have it always included. It should then also work with the version from the PlayStore.

So it sounds like I should hold off a day, and re-install then? I’m working on a fresh install and there are quite a few bugs that I’ve run into so starting fresh might not be the worst idea. Will that be in the snapshot or does it need to be pulled from github?

Will be the snapshot from cloudbees, yes!

The url that Branden suggested worked. Slowly working these bugs out! Thanks for the help guys.

Have a try with the auto-discovery from the app as well - the latest snapshot build now correctly does the mDNS annoucement!


Still learning the ropes here. From the snapshot what should I copy over exactly? Everything inside and that won’t mess with the install? (things are actually working! don’t want to mess them up)

you are welcome

look up openhab2-tools. its an update script that will update the install. pay attention to the install directory, you may need to change to match yours. also, # in front of designer lines if you dont want it installed. also, will have to make the /DOWN directory. also look at this…

I will check it out! That would make updating very easy. Thanks =)

edited the post…

are you using online or offline distro?

I believe I have the online distro installed.

ok, good. easier to get updated bindings with it, as you just have to uninstall then reinstall.

through paper ui that is…

That link says I don’t have access to the topic

ios or android user?