Model-Page by code

Is there a way to create the model-page(s) by code instead of the web-ui?

It seems that all created “equipments by thing” also create new items for those, at least the log refers to actions which are toggled by items with names only set in the semantic model.
Therefore I’ve got two items per thing. One defined in model, one in item-file.
So are there any tags or sth to create those models by the .items/.things-codefiles?

And where are the model-informations stored? Are there any files / database-tables?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forums. Here’s a good place to start understanding how to build the semantic model with items defined in text files.

On the other hand, the new UI works so well for thing and item creation and management that many users who relied on text files in previous versions of OH have switched over to just using the UI for most of these configurations.

Thanks for your help - I appreciate it!
I prefer using the text files to be able to use versioning tools, though. Makes life easier to switch back to a common state imo.