Monitoring a Bluetti Power System

I have been able to integrate a Bluetti power system into my monitoring.

I am using MQTT with the HomeAssistant MQTT Component. The Bluetti uses Bluetooth to communicate, so your Bluetti must be in proximity to the broker. I have multiple RPi servers.

Since I was starting from scratch with MQTT, these were my steps.

Installed Mosquitto on Primary OH server and configured it.

Installed Bluetti_MQTT on server that will be the broker. See Install, Usage and Background Service from GitHub - warhammerkid/bluetti_mqtt: MQTT interface for Bluetti power stations.

Installed the MQTT binding and configured the Broker.

At this point, I installed MQTT Explorer on my PC and pointed it to the server. I could see my data coming in from the Bluetti but it was intermittent. I added an external Bluetooth dongle to my RPi and that fixed the problem. Built in BT is low power. All I had to do was plug it in.

Back on my Primary server I installed MQTT binding and configured the Broker.
I installed Jinja Transformation from Other Add-ons.
I scanned for MQTT devices, and it immediately found my Bluetti AC300.
I configured the channels I wanted.
If you find that the data does not look right or the controls are not working, make sure you have the Jinja Transformation installed.


Power From Solar Panels. The sharp cutoff was when the battery was full.

Many thanks to User Chromedshark for all his work on the MQTT. Monitoring Bluetti Systems | DIY Solar Power Forum (

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