Monoprice 10761 6X6 Audio Matrix setup

I got the .items file from here: Monoprice 6-zone Audio amp items, sitemap & rules
but I would like to use a GlobalCache iTach Flex instead of USB>Serial.

The original string was:

String MonoPrice "MonoPrice Amp [%s]" { serial="/dev/ttyUSB1@9600" }

Obviously I need to do something like : { http=“” } which is the internal IP of my GC iTach Flex.

I can get my openHab to see the iTach Flex, but it just doesn’t see further. I’m guessing it’s similar to the Eyez-on Envisalink/DSC alarm where it should “tunnel” through for control of the amp once configured correctly.

I apologize in advance if this is painfully obvious, I just can’t get it.

You cant just use HTTP since HTTP will send all HTTP headers as well. You don’t want headers sent to your device (not sure if it can parse it) but I assume since it’s a serial device, it will literally process all commands sent through the serial.

If you want to send raw packets to the device, you can use exec binding from openhab to execute netcat.

So the setup is RaspPi3->Network->GlobalCacheiTachFlex->Monoprice Amp.

So, technically it’s not sending commands directly to the serial interface on the amp- the GlobalCache iTach Flex is the dongle that goes from Cat5e to Serial. It’s a “smart” device in so much as it’s got a web interface- whether it parses or not, I’m not sure. I’ve got it working via a stand-alone app, so I know it’s functional.

I don’t understand a lot of the jargon you use, I’m just a newbie here. :wink:

If it has a web app, you might be able to control it through REST, assuming it has some sort of API it exposes. Give me a link to your product and I’ll see what I can do.

Awesome thank you. It might be as simple as going TCP=“” but I am not at home right now to try it.

From the spec sheet:

“Control APIs
-ASCII textual commands compatible with iTach and GC-100 protocol
-Comma delimited, carriage return terminated
-Web-based control using HTTP commands with JSON payload data”