Moving from Beta to Snapshot

I updated the repository from the beta to the snapshot. I have done update/upgrade/reinstall, etc. Is there anything else i need to do to ensure i am on the snapshot? How do I check the version? When i run the systemctl status command it shows 2.0.0.b3, which leads me to believe it has not updated.


Any thoughts on this?

Are you trying through apt-get?
I just did this today and from what I noticed it didn’t want to upgrade to snapshot version, because apt-get was considering it a downgrade.

Some good info is in this topic openHAB2 snapshot on Raspberry

In short
given that you have correct reference in apt-get sources, this is the command that worked for me:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install openhab2-offline=2.0.0~SNAPSHOT

or for online version:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install openhab2-online=2.0.0~SNAPSHOT

You also can see all possible versions by running (it should show both beta and snapshot):

sudo apt-cache policy openhab2-offline

Thanks for the response, i’ll give this a shot this evening.


Thanks, this worked. I did have to do apt-get update first. Your commands worked correctly after the update. Thanks.

Btw, it seems like the latest snapshot build now has time-related version (2.0.0~20160902233322) so I think regular update through apt-get should work going forward.