Moving on from simple mode

Hi, new to openhab, started in paper ui, using simple mode, now disabled it, but can’t edit items to add them to groups.
Tried looking at the json items files, but they are empty apart from the groups I created.
I assume simple mode stores stuff differently.
I can see everything with REST, and extract it.
So if I copy all the json data from rest, can I delete the simple mode files and then drop the extracted data into json?
Or is that not possible?

Never mind, figured out that if I delete the link from the thing to the item and then link to a newly created item, I can add that item to a group.
Otherwise great, my Tradfri lamps, Google homes and Chromecasts, Harmony hub and Tellstick devices etc. all automatically discovered.
MQTT and rules are next on the agenda.
Still learning, I do like OpenHab so far, but the documentation does need some work.
I might try and help out with that, probably in the new year.

I’ve been struggling with how to edit items created in Simple Mode or .items -files. I also wanted a nice list of all my items, AND be able to add tags (and groups) to them for Google Home support.

I’ve created a script so you can easily edit your items and then import them to OH again. It also allows for editing of all items in PaperUI regardless how they first got created.

HowTo: Move ALL items to JSON dB for easy editing in PaperUI and tagging for Google Home (and Alexa)