MQTT broker embedded vs system

I tried to set up MQTT and fell into the trap of setting up the system and the embedded. I would like to remove the system or both and start over, but it is not clear how to do this (seems adding is easy, deleting is not).

I found this thread
Sys vs Embedded

Per this thread, I looked for mqtt.cfg, but only find ‘openhab-addons-external-1.14.0.M1-mqtt.cfg’ in the add-ons folder. Is this the right file to delete? It does not seem so. Also, that thread says there is a remove feature in paper UI, but I do not see this. only a ‘manage’ for the system MQTT.

Is moquette the embedded broker or service (broker = service?) or just another external?

And is the org.eclipse the system MQTT?

another basic question: is it correct that any work in paper UI is ‘hidden’ or not available to remove or edit in the conf files (which should be in the userdata folder?)?

Mac OS 10.13
OH2.5M, java8

You can install both servers at the same time, thats no problem. You only have to enter the right credentials to the mqtt-clients and to openhab, so that it uses the right one.

I have installed mosquitto server on my own and also installed the embedded oh-mqtt-server, i think this is moquette. But i still use mosquitto and moquette is in “stand by” …

In PaperUI open Add-ons -> Misc and click “Uninstall” on the row showing the Embedded MQTT Broker.

Now I think we need to know much more about what you have done and how you’ve done it. You should only have an mqtt.cfg if you installed the MQTT 1.x version of the binding. You should only have that jar file in the addons folder if you manually installed the MQTT 1.x version of the binding manually for some reason.

So I suggest you start over from scratch. Uninstall everything that says MQTT in PaperUI. There is the Action, the Broker, and two MQTT bindings, a 1.x version and a 2.x version. You won’t be able to uninstall the 1.x version through PaperUI because you added it to the addons folder for some reason. So to uninstall that one just delete the jar file.

Then delete mqtt.cfg and any other mqtt cfg file you may have.

To be successful with any technology integrated with OH, you must be familiar with the basics of how that technology works. I strongly recommend you go read to understand the basics of how MQTT work. Then the answers to questions like these will be obvious.

To answer the specific question, the embedded broker is an MQTT broker. Read the tutorial to understand what that means.

This question is basically meaningless. It’s like the question from Alice in Wonderland: “How is a raven like a writing desk?”

Yes and no. The configs do not appear in the conf folder, that is true. But it isn’t “hidden” and not available. It gets stored in userdata/config and userdata/jsondb. It is all stored in plain text so you can view and edit it if you desire. However, these files are not intended to be manually edited so make sure to stop OH before doing so and make sure you know what you are doing before doing so.

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