My.openhab for OpenHab 2 doesn't work?Please help

I followed this post: My.openHAB support in openHAB 2
And I installed My.openhab addons by using addons.cfg file (and I did reinstalled it by using paper UI).
I could see uuid and secret file insilde openhab2-userdata folder. However, when I copied and pasted them into my account, it’s always saying this: "You are using openHAB 1.x. To remotely access your openHAB’s web interface go to"
I don’t get it, apparently I’m using OH2. I tried deleting my account and registered again but there is no progress.
Can anybody help?

You should be using openhabcloud

The documentation is at

I installed cloud service but still hopeless,can use show me more details

Which java version is installed? (java -version)

1.8_101 sir

Ok, good.

Have you entered openHAB UUID and openHAB Secret in the openHAB settings on If not, do it. If you already entered the values check again if them are right.

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Oh thanks, it works