My.openhab not updating item in real time

Iam using setpoint item in my sitemap which iam updating the value to UI from rule for any change. It is working fine with openhab locally. with myopenhab I have to reload the page for updating. Iam receiving an error JSONobject[“sitemap”] not a string. Is this someway related for not updating?

I don’t know about that but I do know that the my.openhab servers have been hit hard and suffered outages and slow downs.

Given the imminent demise of the old my.openhab service and the release of myopenHAB I recommend moving to the new service now. Then come back and let us know if this problem persists.

Its working now. I have updated to Is it possible to add multiple item in same row like two setpoints in same row (eg , for setting minute and hour)??

Basic UI has two columns. Habpanel has a pretty flexible UI for laying things out.

ClassicUI and the UI that comes with OH 1.x only allow one Item per row.