& myopenhab.persist


OH1 uses myopenhab.persist for syncing only specified items to
With OH2 this doesn’t work anymore. OH2 is syncing all my items with

Is it possible at this stage of development to get the old behavior without using compatiblemode?
feature:install openhab-runtime-compat1x

Really want a clean cut without mixing with old bindings.

OH2 still supports it, but makes it even easier to start by not requiring it, see My.openHAB support in openHAB 2


i’am using the persist file from my OH1 installation. Copied it to persistence folder. The group are also set up in the .items like before.

But it’s still syncing all the items.


Strategies {
default = everyChange
Items {
gOpenHAB* : strategy = everyChange

This rather sounds like a bug to me then…

Can i do something to help?

I’ve only installed myopenhab over the addons.cfg. Its working finde… Notification and so on.
Is it possible that i did something wrong? .Items are also okay. As mentioned, with OH1 it worked this way.

I’am using the todays snapshot #220


good news! With snapshot #222 it’s working again! WUHUUU!! :smiley:

… which is rather weird because nobody fixed anything… So let’s hope that it does not come back :expressionless:

I checkt this right now … And back again it’s loggin every event to :frowning:
Didn’t touch the persistence service / files. Confusing :scream:

So probably somehow dependent on a start up order, which might be different on every start…
Feel free to enter an issue here:

Was an issue logged, could not find it. Seems there are a few of us having the same issue

Done :

Any news on this issue ?

Doesn’t look like it.
We would need someone to analyze it.
@belovictor Any chance you could have a look at it?

Same problem here. Im using the persist file from here, but all changes are synced to myopenhab :confused: