My Z-Wave is borked

I had a 3.3 snapshot installed as I needed an update in the Kasa/TP-Link binding
Due to the RHSB-2022-001 Polkit Privilege Escalation - (CVE-2021-4034) vulnerability, I updated my Ubuntu server. Since my apt install was setup for snapshots, my OH instance got upgraded too.

I’m now running openHAB 3.3.0 Build #2722

Now my all my Z-Wave things are borked.

Office Fan Controller was not working before.

Do I have to redo all of my Z-Wave devices?
@chris do you have any suggestions?

I had the same Problem. Deleted all Things and created them new. Luckily i only have arounf 15 devices.

Sorry - not really. There should be no problem upgrading the binding and there haven’t been any changes (other than database). Have you checked the logs to find out what is happening? Really without more information it’s impossible to help - sorry.

openhab.log (931.4 KB)
here is a log.
I stopped the zwave bundle, set logging to debug and started the zwave bundle.

Nothing jumps out and bites me.

Node 3 looks like a problem.

Due to the update there might be a mix of installed and cached information. Hence in a case like that my first attempt would be to clear the cache after stopping OH:

openhab-cli clean-cache

Had exactly the same issue after upgrading to snapshot #2722 - nothing helped, rebooted several times but always same situation.
Most of Z-wave devices showed ERROR:HANDLER and only a minority was green. Could not find out if there was something systematic.
My solution for now was to downgrade to the snapshot before, then everything worked again.

Same issue for me ! deleted all nodes and scanned z-wave via binding

Bah humbug
I downgraded to 2717, which I was running before but my Z-Wave is still borked.
Thanks for the suggestion

I guess this is just luck, and probably not related to the ZWave binding since there have not been any changes to any code.

I didn’t see anything wrong in the logs - they seemed to start quite a bit after the controller starts, but I’m not sure if having full logs will help a lot. The ZWave side seems to be working fine and I can’t see why OH isn’t creating the handlers.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: no luck.
Thanks for the suggestion

Had today the same Error Message with missing configuration. So i checked the config and found some strange value -1 instead of 255 and this was flagged as error.

On an other device i only had to click on reinitialize and it is up an running again

This is weird.

I had a bit of a challenge adding my Things. Some took several tries.
Now I know that nodes are stored on the stick. I have weirdness going on
I have tried deleting these from my inbox but they keep coming backed

My Controller properties shows a node, 3, for which I don’t have have Thing

My Things

I believe that the inbox items represent the same Leviton Fan Controller, and there was an inbox item as Node 3 with the same address that I deleted.

I’ve performed soft and hard controller resets and Synchronize network on the Controller Thing. No changes

I’m almost ready to factory reset the dongle (HUSBZB-1) and start over.

Hmmm. Ok, I think that OH Core has made some changes to check some configuration, and maybe this is causing the issue and preventing the handlers starting.

@J-N-K I think I saw you created a PR to do some configuration checks? I didn’t follow it closely, but just saw the emails… Do you think this could be causing the issue?

I suspect it is caused by the following PR -:

I guess there is some invalid configuration somewhere and therefore the things are not initialised.

Hard reset used to clear the NVM on the controller. If it has done that you will need to reset all devices to factory and add back to network.

Well gentlemen… and @chris too :slight_smile: teehee
Looks like I’m redoing my Z-Wave

@chris Yes, I assume that could be the reason. The Che l is now more strict than before (in fact, it didn’t exist before, only for entering the values on the UI, not during initialization).

Just installed latest snapshot on a working instance and it looks like the z-Wave binding is not installed immediately after upgrade.

I reinstalled the binding and restarted.

and it looked like this

went to each device with an “issue” and saved and the device immediately displayed online.

I foolishly did not try controlling the devices before doing configuration and save.
Possibly device is online but new code is preventing status being updated as parameters are failing validation?
Or device needs a save to make configuration correct so it initialised.

When I test by disabling the controller and enable it again the same devices showing error:handler and can not be controlled. Going to the thing config and saving fixes and devices behave as they should.

Based on all the discussion by the OH heavy weights I think you may have more than one problem. As to my Node 3 comment, it was late last night and I didn’t elaborate. The problem (seen with the log viewer) was that several messages to Node 3 were timing out. It does look to be a levitron ZW4SF_01_008 (fan controller). As to nodes 17-19, they are clearly duplicates and in the debug log only node 19 seems to be active. It is some kind of battery device because I see “wakes”.

A rebuild may not be a bad idea. Hopefully that would clear up the other issue with the configuration PR.

The other thought is to use the Silabs PC controller and clear out extraneous devices and then go to the devices you know you have and check the configurations ala @robmac post.

My two cents