MyBMW binding add-on


The binding provides access like MyBMW App to openHAB. All vehicles connected to an account will be detected by the discovery with the correct type:

  • Conventional Fuel Vehicle
  • Plugin-Hybrid Electrical Vehicle
  • Battery Electric Vehicle with Range Extender
  • Battery Electric Vehicle

Read description with all channels here


Version 1.4

Added home-distance channel

Version 1.3

Bugfix authorization issue

Version 1.2

Support mild-hybrid vehicles

Version 1.1

Add address and motion channel

Version 1.0

First contribution for Pull Request #12006
Tested and discussed in community thread





Source Code


Really nice binding! Big thanks.

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Has anyone noticed that the Rendered Image Vehicle is returning a NULL and the same is also for Charge Statistic Month . Is it just me or someone else is experiencing it. I’m using the binding posted on the marketplace, so v1.4 and before that I’ve removed the previous and installed this version. I’m running on OH 3.3, but had the same also some weeks before while running on OH 3.2.

Seems BMW changed again something on their side. Sadly me as author of this binding don’t own a BMW anymore so for me it’s not longer possible to observe and fix this behavior.

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Thanks @weymann , I hope someone pick up and have a look into the binding. Sad to see you leaving the BMW world…

Is there a reason to maintain this binding as published in the marketplace, with risk of confusion for the users, while the binding is now part of the official distribution?

@weymann : could you please answer?

Do I have to perform some actions to remove this from Marketplace?

Just remove the tag/label “published”.