MyElas binding - renamed to RiscoCloud

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a full binding for MyElas compatible Alarms.

For now I can connect and get an almost full json of my alarm state. I don’t understand why but some informations do not appear in json if I do not connect myself to the MyElas WEB UI…

Next step is to parse json into java class (I think I’m gonna use Gson except if something already exists in the framework), and then create a channel for :

  • offline status
  • ongoing alarm
  • number of armed partitions
  • number of disarmed partitions
  • number of partially armed partitions

Next milestones will be to arm and disarm partitions, and then a channel for each detector with state and bypass state + manual bypass, last alarms informations, …

Any ideas are welcome !

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Hi! I would be very interested in a MyElas binding. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. Brgds, Simon.

Hi !

Sure ! When alpha will be released, it will be necessary to test :slight_smile:

Hi !

Initial commit !

Alpha released in my repo :

I don’t know how can we test it in OH2 :thinking:


I have an Iconnect 2 alarm

I Use the MyElas-Alarm-Server on github to control my alarm in OpenHAB, maybe you could get some ideas for this.

But it would by nice with a binding instead.

Hi @zamzon !

Yes I saw your topic about it but it does not work well with mine. I don’t know why.

I’m testing your binding . Works on my risco panel (Risco = MyElas ) .but doesn’t update channels (even connection is ok and fetch correctly state and detectors).

After debug it on Eclipse seems updatechannels() at line 200 on MyElasHandler class is never called probably because isconnected is ever false at line 1999.

How can collaborate to fix this issue ?



Hi @Luca_Calcaterra,

Thanks for your help. I fixed this in last commit.

And yes, MyElas is a Risco Group product.

FYI I asked Risco for some documentation about the REST API but still no answer… (I don’t really think I will get one !)

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I’ll test it… how i must correctly install your repo on openhab copy ?

To be honest, I don’t even know myself !

Could a maintainer help us ? Maybe @ThomDietrich, @rlkoshak or @Kai ?

I’ve not done any OH development so I don’t know the answer.

I know how install, but want to mantain a clean git repo for pull , in case, improvments

That is what branches are for. Fork scantineau’s repo, create a branch in your fork, make your edits and commits. When you are ready, create a PR from your fork which will create the PR for the up stream repo.

There are lots of tutorials out there. is a good place to start.

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Thanks all !

@Luca_Calcaterra could you please tell me how can I install my own binding on my running OH2 ?

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Ok, i’ve followed tutorial, now i can import the binding correctly.

Anyway… is possible to open issues on scantineau myelas binding ?

Ok, now works ! I noticed too … polling rest too often , data is empty (or near emtpy). hmm Risco… don’t think them responds.

ps. You haven’t managed detectors and items on openhab dashboard, only general info, right ?

Now you can create issues.

And yes… polling too often is not working… anymore ! Because it was working some weeks ago when I created this binding.

For now, some generals infos are working and I want to manage more but I didn’t find the time to do it…

Can i fork this project to create specular repo for risco ? Or it has no sense in your opinion ?

Feel free to fork it, that’s why fork exists :wink:

It’s seems interesting acting directly on panel via serial… unfortunately data it’s encryted…

Here it’s an hack, but not know if works anymore… No one that can test it ?