MyOpenHAB Cloud keeps failing

Up until yesterday my openHAB setup was accessing the web through a raspberry acting as a router (via a 3G USB modem pen). Connection was spotty and I blamed it on the mobile connection.

Yesterday DSL was installed, but remote access is still slow and times out many of the times I try to access it.
When connected to the wifi and local access, it is instant…
Any way to figure out if the issue is on my end or myopenhab cloud? I am located in portugal…

Really would like to make it reliable, if not I’ll configure direct access instead of myopenhab cloud, but I loose notifications…

Before starting a new discussion, you could have used the forums search function. There are a couple of identical discussions arround the issues you describe.

I can not say when these issues will be solved, but somebody is working on it.

Please also read the following:

Hi Hans,

Thanks for clarifying. I had visited that thread before, but I must have skipped the part where people state the infrastructure page does not reflect real user experience.
As it showed green every time I checked I was leaning toward the issue being with my setup, although openhab e-mail notifications, direct access, IP cameras etc all work fine.
So, sorry for being a being thick or reading a bit too fast.
Trying to finish the house so we can finally move in and settle down. For the time being you have motivated me to become a suppprting member and contribute with $$. And hopefully, when I move in and have more time, and I contribute in other ways.

Thanks again, and please feel free to delete this thread.
Best regards!

Hi Jose,

that is great to here an I look forward to seeing you membership application for approval :slight_smile: