Myopenhab cloud push notifications with picture?

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(Bernd) #1


I’m pretty sure there have been discussions around this a while ago, but unfortunately I was not able to locate them.

Does the current myopenHAB cloud also support sending of pictures / icons within an Android push notification in addition to text?


supports pictures already what would be the right parameter to use this feature?

I’d like to send an IP cam picture with the ringing of the door directly via Android push notification. Today this works great with Telegram…


(SiHui) #2

… and Pushover :rofl:

(Bernd) #3

Agree Sigi :wink: But wouldn’t it be nice if it would work with native Android functions and without an additional app?

(Mueller Ma) #4

sendNotification("Message", "switch", "high") will send a notification with the switch icon and severity “high”. The icon is visible in the notification list in the app and needs to be merged for showing it in the notification itself.
However it’s just an icon and not an image.

Feature request:

(Bernd) #5

@mueller-ma Thank you for clarifying. Did you see differences in behaviour when changing the priority of a notification to “high”? To me it looks like they always come instantly once the trigger is active.

(Mueller Ma) #6

The implementation for this isn’t in the stable release for the Android app yet. You can download the beta and you will see the severity in the notification list. The priority can be any string you want.

The docs need to be extended, see