myopenHAB linking multiple openHAB instances

Now that myopenHAB has been open sourced, we are planning to use it to allow remote access of multiple instances of openHAB2 running on devices in various homes for our clients.

A few questions:

  • Does it support our own “flavour” of Eclipse Smarthome or is it openHAB2 specific?
  • Does it support multiple registrations/logins like or is it one-to-one (one openHAB to one myopenHAB cloud instance)?
  • Are there features for managing registrations? eg. an administration dashboard?

FYI, I moved this to the “openHAB Cloud” category as your questions seem to be about self-hosting.

it is based on the latest features of myopenHAB. Please keep in mind it was build with only needed features, following a lean approach on node.js.

  1. It depends what you mean with “our own flavour”, it is mainly for openHAB (initial contribution. You will need openHAB Cloud Connector from openHAB. Iam at the moment evaluating how it works with an ESH version.

  2. Yes it supports multiple registrations/accounts

  3. You can see anonymized registration data with according permissions but thats not an administration dashboard and it shows basic static overview data. You cant access or modify this data by a dashboard.

Thanks @MARZIMA.

We are creating our own distribution of ESH which is very close to the mainline, but without the PaperUI interface and some branding. We have created our own interface to interact with Things and their Items through the REST API and SSE events.

We would like to use a self-hosted openHAB cloud instance to provide remote capabilities for our clients running our version of the slightly modified Eclipse Smarthome.

If we include the openHAB Cloud Connector from openHAB in ESH do you foresee and pitfalls or issues?
Can we chat offline? I can fill you in on more details of our use case.


ok I understand. Normally this should work since you re using ESH.

Yes you can always contact us. Iam always here around or just PM me if you prefer that way…

…We are here to help and support!

Hi @ryanr,

May I know how many users do you support and what is the current server (node application and mongodb) configurations and how much mongodb space it is using ?

Are you keeping all items status or just one week/month worth of data only ?


Hi, with reference to this old post I’m also interested to control from y phone or browser two instance of OH3, is it possible? I fond some discussions but no solutions… in mypenhab there are no way to ad others UUID+SECRET keys… I’m right? thanks

If you are using an android application, it has the ability to connect more than one server. I’m not sure about the main application, but the beta version definitely has it.

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I do work on such thing, yet there are few aspects in such application which make it work dramatically different than you might expect. First of foremost - you need to distinguish instances somehow, but how? None of OH apps, except android, is prepared for such situation.

So far I have built an reverse proxy which
A) handle multiple instances within the same user
B) can assign an address to OH (its up to you if you publish it anywhere)
C) delegates security to OH itself (except for a person who need to set up cloud connector)
D) does not proxy main user interface - for speed reasons it is hosted at proxy server

What I did with above is an result of weeks long troubles with cellular network in customer project. Effectively solution I built this week do not require manual creation of credentials. Whole process is orchestrated through web browser. Earlier in November I wrote that we seek for alpha testers for mentioned cloud service. What I did recently is much closer to what myopenhab does. Linked post describes a bit more how things are handled. If you are interested in giving it a try - let me know, I will give you a pass over dev server.

Given that it is not an urgent thing for me but only a request in general. I was thinking of an operation like this:

  1. I enter the myopenhab site with MY and UNIQUE account
  2. within the myopenhab site I can declare multiple instances or servers, each with its own UUID and SECRET
  3. From the dashboard of the myopenhab site, since there are multiple servers connected, I click and select the one on which I want to operate.
    There can be more than one server, for example one in my home and one in a family member’s home.
    Thanks bye

Is it possible to connect multiple openHAB instances to one myopenhab account, yet?

I cannot find anything related to this.

I am starting to migrate to openHAB v3 and want to use v2 and v3 in parallel for a while.

First thing I would like to use in v3 is Amazon Alexa with needs myopenhab, of cause.

I second that. Same setup. Same question.
It seems not possible at this time.

I have been looking in myopenHab cloud and could not find support of different UUID and Secret codes. If this is not working. is there any chance to use two application with different login and password on iPhone 13?

I use two different opehabians (2.5.12 and 3.2.0) in two different houses. I wish to have control of both.

on an Android Galaxy tab I use(d) two different account profiles with two different email addresses. In this way it is possible to switch between two different accounts and maintain different apps per profile.

I am not sure if there is a similar thing available for iphones. This may help but sounds to be more complicated than what I use(d) on the Android device: