myopenHAB maintenance tonight starting at 12 am ET / 6 am CET

Hi all,

I need to make a change to our cloud service which will cause openhab connections to be interrupted, this may make the service unavailable for up to 30 mins, but I am hoping it will be much shorter than that.

This is in response to our recent reports of slowness when attempting to use our mobile clients through the myopenHAB service. I will post updates here when I start and when the process finishes.


This is starting.

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This has finished. Connections may be a bit slow as the thundering herd reconnects.


Good morning :slight_smile:

Dette nettstedet er ikke tilgjengelig brukte for lang tid på å svare.

Prøv dette:


Thanks for Information for the maintenance, very useful! I have 6 openhab–System, ios and android phones (Samsung 5+6+7, Sony zx2, iPhone 6) now at this moment- connection failed to the Server. I uses normal playstore app and also newest beta from github.
We waiting! Good luck openhab Team!

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IOS App ist not able to connect too at this time…

For me it is not possible to connect via android app.

For me too - Myopenhab is not reachable since approx. 1 hour (since maintenance?)

Habdroid 2.4.0

#metoo (via the Android app and also no access to the web page)

#metoo I am unable to access via Android phone or the web page

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



Also IFTTT is not able to reach the shared items in the applets!

Patience :slight_smile:

Dan mentioned that there maybe some disconnections immediately after the restart of the servers. For sure he knows the problems and is working to fix them.

Already is coming up and things are improving

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anyone else having this issues?

09:13:36.479 [INFO ] [.io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Disconnected from the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = 828e6979-cb3e-4a36-cbc5-96aa86a64bd8, base URL = http://localhost:8080)
09:13:51.708 [ERROR] [.io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Socket.IO error: {}
io.socket.engineio.client.EngineIOException: xhr poll error
        at io.socket.enginei
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Like you can read above, we have all problem to reach myopenhab!

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It works for me again. Both web browser and Android app.
Thanks for the good work!

Same here…
Thank you!

Same here,

Many thanks for your great efforts !!

I get this on the android app

I am getting odd errors in chrome, SSL refactor errors.

OpenHab local instance is throwing the following:

2018-11-16 03:02:52.209 [ERROR] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Socket.IO error: {}

io.socket.engineio.client.EngineIOException: xhr poll error

at io.socket.engineio.client.Transport.onError( []

at io.socket.engineio.client.transports.PollingXHR.access$100( []

at io.socket.engineio.client.transports.PollingXHR$6$ []

at io.socket.thread.EventThread$ []

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( [?:?]

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ [?:?]

at [?:?]

Caused by: Unexpected end of file from server

at sun.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor219.newInstance(Unknown Source) ~[?:?]

at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance( ~[?:?]

at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance( ~[?:?]

at$ ~[?:?]

at$ ~[?:?]

at Method) ~[?:?]

at ~[?:?]

at ~[?:?]

at$200( ~[?:?]

at$ ~[?:?]

at$ ~[?:?]

at Method) ~[?:?]

at ~[?:?]

at ~[?:?]

at ~[?:?]

at ~[?:?]

at io.socket.engineio.client.transports.PollingXHR$Request$ ~[?:?]

... 1 more