Myopenhab not reachable

Looks like the myopenhab service has troubles again. I cannot login on the website and cannot connect with the app to myopenhab.

Anyone else experience problems with the service?

Yes, at this moment I can’t access the openHab dashboard.

I’m getting another strange bugs… I get multiple delayed notification on my phone even if I have remove the sendBroadcastNotification line inside the rule file :grinning:
So it’s something strange with myopenhab now

Yes I’m also seeing strange behaviour. My location and phone battery is more then an hour old when I check openhab. Looks like it’s just very very very slow with updates.

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It’s working again :blush:. Maybe it had to do something with the outage couple of days again. Read something in another topic.

nope it is still not working

Still working here… Strange…

restarted openhab and mines running fine again

To negotiate this issue.
I use NGINX authentication on the openhabe raspberry pi, i then access my openhab using a chrome web browser and type http://mypublicip

i have setup nginx to use port 70, and forward to port 80 internally.

My router is setup to port forward 70 to my openhab local ip.

this way, i can save a webpage on my home screen, which goes straight to my sitemap using my IP instead of the cloud. The benefit of this is, its about 3 times faster to load, do any actions, etc.

I still have the openhab app installed and connected to the cloud so i can get notifications.

I restarted the clound binding, and it seems to be running again.

Sorry, the max connection limit just bit us again, i incorrectly thought we had more time, and was just sitting down to fix this and start the migration of a few of our hosts when i saw this message, uhg…

I went ahead and bumped the connection limit up on the DB server, i should have done this right away but wanted to do a little research before. I also restarted the services as i’m not 100% sure what the hangover would be of having so many requests starved for connections, it may have come back on its own, but i did not want to chance it.

Just an FYiI, I have 2 more servers that are about ready to go that i am going to swap in place of 2 existing ones so we don’t get randomly migrated by our provider who has scheduled maintenance set for them. That process can be slow, and i don’t want us down 1 or 2 servers. if we don’t have to be. I’m hoping to do this tomorrow in a rolling migration that would not cause downtime .


Down here too, gateway timeout. It’s also causing Alexa to fail controlling devices. No more voice control, tried to disable the skill and re-enable it, now it wont authenticate.

The service is restarting , it takes a while (hour) when this happens, the thundering heard slams the service for about an hour, then things resume back to normal.

Not sure how the Alexa skill communicates with openHab, I am assuming it uses the cloud connector, which is why it’s not working right now. In the future could we not use local connections with the skill if available? Much like the openHab app itself works. This would also make things much more responsive and alleviate the ‘thundering heard’ problem your end.


My cloud connection still won’t budge. Keep getting timeouts on the iOS app, 504 page on the webpage and “xhr poll request” errors in the openhab log. Am I missing something? Will everything automatically settle when the service is back up or do I have to reset something myself?

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You should wait few time and it will be ok. If you will read that the server is up but your cloud is not connected, you can try to restart your application or only the cloud binding with followind commands:

openhab-cli console
bundle:list | grep Cloud

You will see a line like this:

228 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.4.0 │ openHAB Cloud Connector Bundle

So, my binding id is 228 and than I can restart it with follow command:

bundle:restart 228

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Since it hasn’t come up in this thread, I suggest bookmarking so that you can check if the cloud service is having issues. It’s not always accurate, but it’s still the next best thing to @digitaldan explaining what’s happening while also trying to get the servers back online.

If you want to contribute to a solution, I suggest a donation to help the foundation’s infrastructure keep pace with openHAB’s increasing user base. Otherwise, I suspect we’ll see these outages occurring more frequently.


Donation is make.
But why not open a server with a paid subscription for people :slight_smile: who use it every day and need stability ? I love openhab, but cloud is a real problem for us here


The openHAB Foundation is a non-profit organisation and therefore can not offer payed services . Just simple as that.
If you are happy to pay for such a service, setup and run your own cloud service.


The openHAB Foundation is a non-profit organization, and from what I’ve read in the community there are strict rules in Germany about what a non-profit can and can’t do. Operating a paid service is in the “can’t do” column.

Technically, everybody who’s using the cloud connector uses it every day…it’s not just active when you’re talking to Google or Alexa. It’s also serving remote access via the apps, connections to IFTTT, etc. So really, we just need more servers to keep up with the ever-increasing demand (@digitaldan, please correct me if I’m mistaken).

It’s been suggested by others that nothing is stopping an enterprising openHABer from starting their own service and charging for access to it. I’d do it myself if I could, but I have neither the time nor the expertise.