Myopenhab not reachable

I know that openhab is a non-profit association, :slight_smile: , but may be it is possible to create a small structure in parallel.
Managed a business is my job, but I do not have enough computer skills :confused:

I became quite dependant on openhab and all it’s features also :crazy_face:

I personally really appreciate all your work Dan… Atm however, the service is down again, (but you probably already know)…

For personal interest, I would like to know, if you provide this cloud service and the hardware in private? Or is the servers in commission somewhere?

I wonder, if more people set up their own cloud service, if it could be shared as one whole service with lots of servers running all over the world? Or would they be totally isolated? I know there may be some questions about privacy in this matter… But whats most important… A fully stable cloud servvice, or privacy?

I´ll start a new thread about this matter as well as the Foundation as I believe they´re close connected. We need to discuss how to solve this for the cause of openHab2, as I believe the cloud service is a highly important matter.

Maybe a solution could be, to make it more easy to setup the cloud service? I dont have the required experience either. But I´m willing to give it a try, if we could get someone (developers) to help and make it easier to set up. I doubt I´ll charge anything. I dont see why… If I should charge anything, it would be strictly charging for supporting the Foundation only. But first I need to know:

  1. How to set up a cloud service (I dont need a whole bunch of Linux mumble about things I dont understand).
  2. Would it be possible to share this cloud service together with other cloud services (like myopenhab)?
  3. Would it matter at all, except for my personal setup only?
  4. How much bandwidth does it require? I´ve got a full speed (full duplex) 300Mbit fiber-optic internet connection with a static IP.

I´m used to hosting services like web, mail and dns. I suspect it´s simular hosting an openhab cloud service?

We should probably discuss this in another thread.


The problem with creating a personal cloud service is that it isn’t compatible with IFTTT, google, alexa … etc , no ?

I’m happy to second this.

I buy server space and hosting, so if it’s possible to put the required back end onto the services I pay for, I am happy to look into a subscription management system.

Is this something you’d be willing to help with, or is it too far away from your core interests?

Then the obvious question to everyone else is…

£€¥$¢ What would be an acceptable monthly / annual subscription cost ?

As far as I understand, it´s possible… However, this is the serious part of the setup. And this is probably the reason why it´s getting too difficult for a common user.
But I´m sure, with the right effort and help from someone (developers), we should be able to get it running. Main question is - Would it matter? (except for personal interrest).

Thanks Stuart! :+1:

untill I know what it requires, I couldn´t care about paid/non paid subscriptions :wink:

I was talking in case each person create his cloud … it’s complicated. After for a fixed pay server, if the current team opens the technical information, yes it is possible

That would be my model, too: charge enough to cover the service, and donate profits to the foundation. However, I didn’t say it since I’m not planning to do it myself, and I think it’s okay for someone to make a profit if they choose to do it.

Another thought I’ve had is that it’s perfectly fine for people to make regular monthly donations to openHAB, and for the foundation to use that additional funding to build up the cloud infrastructure. However, we would be donating with no promise of services, so the foundation could choose to use the funds for other purposes.

@digitaldan I do not see a recent ping. Remote cloud services are down again :frowning:

Myopenhab is still unreachable for me.

Yesterday it was ok for me for a while. But today it’s as bad as it was when I started the topic. Hope there will be a solution.

Right now it´s working… A few minutes ago, didn´t respond.

I can get to but it says my openhab instance is offline so I think the server still isn’t fully online.

Are you able to get to your BasicUI?

I rebooted my OpenHAB instance and its working again now.

10 hrs ago myopenhab was offline. I forced openhabian to reconnect but it dropped out 10 min later. This morning I reconnected and the connection is holding up.

Then I realised Google Home was not able to sync with myOH. It recommended I reconnect.

So I removed OH from Google home and tried to readd it but it fails.

Is this problem know or expected?

several times a day i am disconnected. I have to reconect manually. since 3 days, there is a lot of problem, very slow, disconnection, not stable…

i am having the same issue now Removed openhab from google and cant reconnect.
Dont remove openhab from IFTTT as it will remove all your apps and you will have to set them up again

OK, so it is probably still a server side issue…
Gives me time to fix my pi :stuck_out_tongue: