Myopenhab not reachable

I’m sorry, but no it’s not. It clearly states you need the tags, but is silent on whether specifying those within PaperUI is sufficient. Currently, I’m suspecting that it isn’t sufficient as my items are not being discovered by Alexa even though I’ve given them appropriate tags. If this is the case it might be nice to explicitly state so.

Did I miss something or how can you tag an item using PaperUI?

There is a “category” parameter. Is that not the same?

If not, and I need .items files, is there some guidance on constructing the items files for zigbee and zwave devices?

No, category is not the same as tagging. You´ll need to either create items files or use the Rest Api.


I regularly have the problem that my raspberry pi 4 is no longer connected to the cloud. This week I have had it twice. It was offline from 7to 7h(12h) I think there is a reconnect somewhere every 12h?

I get status code 500ter back in my app. All notifications are still working though.

I noticed that the problem is solved after unplugging and directly deer plugging in the network cable.

Can anyone help me?

I am sorry that I cannot help you but just to add on to this: I have had more than ten ups/downs the last two days - I have a rule that activates when the connector goes down so I know from the emails coming in. Before that rule it went down and up many times but I just didn’t notice. But sometimes it stays down as it has the last couple of days and then you of course notice more.

I have the impression that it is supposed to connect automatically again but sometimes it doesn’t and that is when you notice.

Note: I do NOT know if this is a local problem, internet connection problem or something else. I have never really found out what this is depending on. Many times it just fixes itself after a number of days.

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I also have from time to time the issue that openhab disconnects from cloud “” and does not reconnect by itself. I have to restart openhab to have it working again.
I’m currently running OH 3.3 in Docker.

Any hints how to solve this? Or is there at least a way to automaticly discover the disconnect and restart a service or OH itself?

The strange thing is that in the openhab.log the last state is actually that it did reconnect.

2022-10-09 10:03:57.975 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Disconnected from the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = 5d5ef6dd-3454-4c29-95aa-6cf49XXXXXXX, base URL = http://localhost:4050)
2022-10-09 10:04:58.902 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Connected to the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = 5d5ef6dd-3454-4c29-95aa-6cf49XXXXXXX, base URL = http://localhost:4050)

From cloud side it reports “Your openHAB is not online”

I get this quite often during the day, It’s never been an issue for me as it’s reconnected before I’ve noticed it and I don’t have anything mission critical hanging off it.

I’ve just assumed this is ‘the way it works’ as it’s a free service etc so not an AWS ‘99.9999999% uptime guaranteed’.

Watching thread with interest.

I don’t know if this will help you but I found something like this and rewrote it. It works more or less for me, at least I know when there is a problem. It was a long time ago I did it so I don’t really remember exactly what I did but here you have the code and the things connected to it. Maybe it will help you a bit. Not a professional coder in any way so keep that in mind. Room for improvements I am sure.

rule "Check Cloud Connector status"

	//Channel "MyLogReader:reader:openhabcloud:newCustomEvent" triggered
    Item CloudConnectorStatus changed
	if (CloudConnectorStatus.toString.contains("Disconnected from")) {
		postUpdate(OpenHABConnectorStatusIndicator, OFF)
        mailActions.sendMail([my email address], "Cloud Connector DOWN", "OpenHAB Cloud Connector just went DOWN.") 
        logError("Cloud Connector", "Cloud Connector possibly offline")

        //Restart the Cloud Connector
        if(lastReset === null || lastReset.isBefore(now.minusSeconds(30)) ){
            lastReset = now
            mailActions.sendMail([my email address], "Restarting Cloud Connector", "OpenHAB Cloud Connector just went DOWN and has now been Restarted with a rule.") 
	if (CloudConnectorStatus.toString.contains("Connected to")) {
		postUpdate(OpenHABConnectorStatusIndicator, ON)
        mailActions.sendMail([my email address], "Cloud Connector UP", "OpenHAB Cloud Connector just went UP again.") 
        logError("Cloud Connector", "Cloud Connector online again")

The number 294 is the list of the bundle, use bundle:list -s to get the number for the cloud connector



cool code! I don’t quite get this. The one trigger is in comments. Should another item be created? And what should it be linked to? To what is “CloudConnectorStatus” linked?

En lastRest is so?


I have added one more screenshot in the reply above, that should make it more clear. The channel on the LogReader is connected to the CloudConnectorStatus and whenever LogReader change (with the selected parameters for the cloud service) it is firing the event. The comment is just to understand (for myself) what channel it is that triggers the event.

I don’t understand your sentence “En lastRest is so?” but lastReset is just a time to compare with so this event does not trigger too often.

I hope it is clearer now.


Thanks for you replay! I will try this out tommorow! Was wondering how you assigned your LastReset at the top. Just var lastReset == null?

En where comes theOpenHABConnectorStatusIndicator variabele from?

Have a nice day!


I get also this error when I run RestartCloudConnector.sendCommand(ON)
What is the problem?

Looks like the exec binding is used somewhere. Commands that are executed using that binding need to be white listed in /etc/openhab/misc/exec.whitelist

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thanks that was the problem.
now I get this.

Please do not post screenshots, paste and copy the text using code fences.

That WARN tells: You try to use the REGEX transformation although it is not installed!

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It works with this one.


I don’t think it’s working. I ran the stop command once and see that the process 302 keeps running.

302 │ Active │ 80 │ 3.3.0 │


I did some searching myself and it worked out. Better to do it this way. Had to change the id.