Myopenhab not reachable

Not working in Germany either :joy:

And again, says there is no problem with the availibility. That REALLY sucks!

It hardly ever show any problems, when there are problems with myopenhab/Cloud connection.

I know that if something is not working that’s not great - but please, as long as you do not donate, remember that this is a free service.

Yep, same here. Is there any way we could help?

I agree, his comment about this sucks is not good. And he (or anyone noone) should not be using terms like this. But please keep donation out. Cause I donate, and it doesnt work for me either. So it hasn´t anything to do with donation :slight_smile:

Problems, issues etc happens… Whats important is to have a team to fix them as fast as possible. I´m possitive, as soon Dan´s see this, he will be onto it with his magic hands. I believe he´s in the US. It´s still very early morning/night “over there”…

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As it was my comment, I think I have to make an addtion. I wasnt talking about the cloud service, I was talking about the status page. What happens? I am away from home. I want to check whats going on at home. This is not possbile because the Cloud Service is down. No big deal. Happens. I just expect the status page to show the reality and not just “something”. And if it is not possible to show the correct status, then it might be better to show no status at all. Coz what happens is, I am searching for non existent problems in my setup/evionment. I reboot my raspi, …

And last, it was not my intention to offend anyone. If I did, I apologize.

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Can I suggest to use a VPN to avoid issues with the cloud?

And I do agree with you on this matter. It is highly unfortunate.
I have mentioned it before… Whenever someone is having problems with the openhab cloud and it used to work - DO NOT change or do anything at your end. Even though the status page shows nothing wrong, don´t change anything. Most often the status page doesn´t show this. Second, most often the problem is elsewhere, and as soon as @digitaldan see it (while having the time), he will probably look into it and hopefully fix it fast.

Like you, I would like the status page to show this problem as well. But it seems like it´s a difficult task to get working. I dont know why… Seems a bit ackward a smarthome system (smart system) isn´t smart enough to trigger an issue :slight_smile: Perhaps Dan or some of the other maintainers know?

Hi all,
Down for me too - was wondering why Alexa was being difficult :slight_smile:
There is a way to get your own myopenHAB instant in own private cloud?
I’m sure@digitaldan will be on it when he can get to it!

Hi @digitaldan,
do you already have an idea?


I’m looking, I’m not sure what the problem is yet, all nodes are up and running, nothing has been rebooted or cycled, investigating why its no longer working.


Thanks for letting us know Dan!

So i’m not sure what is wrong, so i just restarted the services, things will be very slow for the next hour, i am going to look at this in a few hours when the system calms down and i have some time to really sit down and go over the logs.


Thank you for your work @digitaldan

Thank you @digitaldan :wink:

Thanks for you work @digitaldan
Looking forward to a resolution… thought the problem was at my end (although I couldn’t figure out what)

Thanks again!

Just for information, even after the services restart done by digitaldan I am still unable to access

Hello everybody,

Just as an info and to report what I have tested right now. I restarted my system and in the logs there is no log line where it says that it is connected or disconected to the openHAB Cloud service. Just these two messages appear:

A connection to was leaked. Did you forget to close a response body?
Socket.IO error: {}

Entering says that my system is offline.

Thanks @digitaldan for all your work and support.

Don’t need reboot your system … just wait …