down currently?

I have tried my ISP and my mobile connection and in both cases I can ping the FQDN but when I try and connect using a browser I get a 502 Bad Gateway.
Anyone else seeing the issue?



Same here. I was just going to post.

Thanks Eric for the verification, I will leave my system alone and await the magic to happen.


There have been some issues lately:

For quicker information you may use the search button in the forum next time :grinning:

Login funtionality works, but when I try to control Openhab by the website
I get

502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu)

Same thing when I try to use the android app via the internet. Android app on the Wlan works ok.
Is this something others are experiencing as well? Status page says everything is ok. I am on OH 2.3.

Rest api via myopenhab doesn’t work either, although it works locally. Am I the only one experiencing this? Alexa skill also dead.

I fixed this by replacing the uuid and secret file with backups and restarting OH. Although myopenhab was showing “online”, it seems a problem with those files was preventing myopenhab from communicating with my local OH instance.

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