instance offline after power outage

Howdy y’all from Texas. I’ve searched here and come up empty.
I am on:
Raspbian 10 Buster
Pi 4 Model B Rev. 1.1
openHAB 3.4.4 Release Build
Java - openJDK version 11.0.16

My setup:
I built a motor driver board (ESP32) for my window blinds. They are in openHAB and work from the local GUI and HABPanel. To voice control this, I have always used Alexa with the skill through It has worked since openHAB v1 when you had to set it up as a dimmer.

The issue:
Everything has been working fine until a power outage. I can still control the blinds with a Ubuntu shell via MQTT and also can control them with the openHAB gui and HABPanel on my tablet and phone. When I tell Alexa to set the blinds to 50%, she says the hub that “House Blinds” is connected to is not responding. When I login to, it says my instance is offline.

I know everyone has heard this before but…nothing on my end has changed other than a power outage.

When it was working, because I’ve had this issue on and off for a while, I pinged and did the same when it was not working. They are the same IP. I’m a network security architect of 30 years and am stumped. I must be overlooking something simple.

Can the mods, and or community, please help?

That’s a potentially huge source of change. If you are running off of SD or USB flash (even some SDDs) and a write is happening when power is lost, you can lose not only the new stuff being written but anything else in the same sector is lost too. and with wear leveling, that can be anything, the kernel, file tables, etc.

I’d check to see if the UID and secret files still match what’s in your account. If not, so OH, delete then, and when oh starts again they will be recreated with new values.

If they do, clear the cache to see if maybe the binding got corrupted. Clearing the cache causes the add-ons to be redownloaded and reinstalled.

Thank you very much for that Rich. I did verify the UID and secret were matching. I will attempt the later of your post. I haven’t been in the guts of this thing for a while. Do you have the cache clear commands? Really appreciate your time and help…!