Maintenance Today

We will be performing an upgrade of at 4pm PT, I do not anticipate any downtime, and if issues are encountered, we will quickly rollback to the previous release.

This deployment is primarily focused around performance and scalability and will hopefully alleviate the slowness we have seen as our service has grown. Other improvements include new logos and security fixes.


myopenHAB seems to be down, requests keep timing out, I have not app functionality, and Alexa commands do not work. Any suggestions?

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I’m getting spammed with notifications that “OpenHAB is online” every couple of minutes.

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The Status Page keeps switching back and forth on reload. I don’t even know how to set up notifications for connectivity lol

Same for me. I think/hope they’re working on it

Same here. Non functional and getting spammed also with notifications.

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Apologies for the spam and disruptions, we had various issue under load that were very difficult to understand (b/c of the heavy load). We have rolled back the update for now and the original service is coming back online, We will postpone the update for a later date and look at muting device notifications during the upgrade process.

Update: the release was rolled back do to technical issues. We realize the service sent out many unwanted notifications as openHAB instances were flapping from a connected to disconnected state. We will schedule another maintenance window at a future date and mute notifications during the upgrade process.

Yes, see myopenHAB Maintenance Today @ ~3pm PT , we did release the new version which has hopefully increased performance and stability