Openhab cloud status operational, but not really

+1 here. Remote connection is unreliable, OH2 goes off- and online every couple of hours. Seems the service finally reached the limit…

+1 too. Yhea - what a pity. :disappointed_relieved:
I wonder where the resources for the servers come from.

I’m trying to support openhab with the “amazon smile program” as mentioned sometimes.

For sure these resolves only financial issues - may be it helps a bit.

I wasn’t aware openhab could be selected in amazon smile, so changed that to openhab too. And I decided to finally become a member to support the foundation…

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not the openhab cloud - rather the hole openhab project :+1:

Am I the only one seeing OH2 service restart on its own will every now and then, just after a disconnect-connect-cycle?

Is the issue came from myopenhab cloud or IFTTT… I mean right now people are working hard on making a google home integration but if the integration passe by myopenhab cloud they will have the same issue right ?

Probably yes. Something needs to be done about these problems, wouldn’t even mind a small monthly fee as I’ve put lots of money into a system that I now have no power over to personally fix as IFTTT can only be set to not a self hosted instance.

In ifttt you can actually provide the address to openhab cloud so I thought that meant you can connect iftt to a self hosted service of openhab cloud

Hi all, i will look at this today, it seems like the IFTTT routing is not working correctly, I’ll post back here with more info.


Hi, there was an issue with ifttt command routes and our new infrastructure setup, a fix was just deployed and ifttt commands should now be working.


Hey Dan,

Thank you very much for fixing this! I can confirm that everything seems to be back to normal :wink:


Anyone else has problems with authorization after this new infrastructure setup? I have unknown user or password problem both on the website and android application. (“User authentication has failed”)

At least here it is working like before …

My openhab went offline at 12:35AM and went online just now (after I restarted it. )

The IFTTT integration appear to be working again…

Yesterday it was nearly the whole day offline. I could login via, but next
step, the dashboard, ends into a 504 error. Today everything is ok.

yesterday i tried to setup my Account on but somehow its stuck. Didnt receive an e-mail to finish my registration and if im trying to login it says “Unknown user or incorrect password”. I also cannot setup a new Account because the UUID and the secret “is already in use”. Is there something i can do to fix this?

Fo your info : I just temporary open my openhab directly on my routeur and create an ifff who make a web request via the rest api ( SO I BY PASS MYOPENHAB.ORG ) and it’s super slow too … so the issue is not just openhab cloud it’s ifttt too …

At the moment the cloud is running very stable again. Is there anything known about hardware changes or is the service no longer running at its limit? And so there are no more permanent reconnects.

I have the same issue. Who can reset current passwords, because in my case the reset mechanism is not working (Your password reset code is invalid or expired).