Openhab cloud status operational, but not really

I have some issues with myopenhab , at first I thought it was me, especially as the status page say this.

But from this activity on IFTTT (see the command at 1041) :

And this (logginf from my server and events from myopenhab, the 10:41 command is missing):

I concluded that it can’t be me if messages get lost between IFTT and myopenhab.
This is not a one time thing, just using this one as an example.

Yet the status page says everything is working fine… No announcement in the forum either.
Any news on this?


I was just about to post the same… something is definately wrong with myopenhab since the maintenance.
Since yesterday my google home integration is not working at all (GH --> IFTTT --> myopenhab)
If I update an applet on the IFTTT side, it sometimes it seems to work again for that applet) but not for long… I actually just deleted my myopenhab account and re-created it, but I see still the same behavior.

Can someone please check this?

Thanks & regards,

For me too.

Since yesterday no connection via remote URL in iOS App.
IFTTT and Alexa also not working.

I haven’t used IFTTT in a while as I have moved apartments. Got a second google home yesterday to start implementing voice commands again. It seems that like 1 out of 10 voice commands actually trigger openHAB.

  1. I say “turn on light”
  2. Google says “alright”
  3. Something happens about 1/10 times.

It’s not the classic “it sometimes takes ifttt 5 mins to complete the request” as just saying the command again over and over seems to work and waiting for an hour doesn’t do anything.

IFTTT triggers but either doesn’t message openHAB OR openHAB refuses to listen.

Was scratching my head quite a lot over this, glad I found this thread.

Anyone know who we should poke about this? @Kai @martinvw?

Yes indeed: it is not " just slow" it drops some of the commands.
Looking at my logs, in the past nights I have had myopenhab switch offline/online a number of times.
Next to that google assistant does reply in the way I expect (as defined in IFTT).

So I assumed it is openhabcloud but could indeed by ifttt too…

For me too.

All IFTTT commands are lost and no remote iOS app connection.

+1 on this issue.

My Alexa control seemed to become unreliable a few days ago but today seems to be completely broken :frowning:

Same problem here with IFTTT and openHABcloud. :frowning:

+1 here. Remote connection is unreliable, OH2 goes off- and online every couple of hours. Seems the service finally reached the limit…

+1 too. Yhea - what a pity. :disappointed_relieved:
I wonder where the resources for the servers come from.

I’m trying to support openhab with the “amazon smile program” as mentioned sometimes.

For sure these resolves only financial issues - may be it helps a bit.

I wasn’t aware openhab could be selected in amazon smile, so changed that to openhab too. And I decided to finally become a member to support the foundation…

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not the openhab cloud - rather the hole openhab project :+1:

Am I the only one seeing OH2 service restart on its own will every now and then, just after a disconnect-connect-cycle?

Is the issue came from myopenhab cloud or IFTTT… I mean right now people are working hard on making a google home integration but if the integration passe by myopenhab cloud they will have the same issue right ?

Probably yes. Something needs to be done about these problems, wouldn’t even mind a small monthly fee as I’ve put lots of money into a system that I now have no power over to personally fix as IFTTT can only be set to not a self hosted instance.

In ifttt you can actually provide the address to openhab cloud so I thought that meant you can connect iftt to a self hosted service of openhab cloud

Hi all, i will look at this today, it seems like the IFTTT routing is not working correctly, I’ll post back here with more info.


Hi, there was an issue with ifttt command routes and our new infrastructure setup, a fix was just deployed and ifttt commands should now be working.


Hey Dan,

Thank you very much for fixing this! I can confirm that everything seems to be back to normal :wink:


Anyone else has problems with authorization after this new infrastructure setup? I have unknown user or password problem both on the website and android application. (“User authentication has failed”)