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(Nigel Evans) #21

I’ve had problems connecting to since the weekend. Is the site down?

(Jürgen Baginski) #22

Check the Status page!

(Nigel Evans) #23

Thanks opus, I didn’t even know there was one!

(Salexes) #24

Is myopenhab working fine ?

I can not login, even after passwort reset it still shows "wrong username or password message.

(Marcus) #25

Working well here

(HH) #26

i got the same problem as salexes. I even tried makeing a new account. It worked fine for the frist login but I was never able to log in again (or reset the password).

does anyone know a solution ?
the status page does not seem to work either by the way.

(Salexes) #27

Now even he password reset stopped working: Your password reset code is invalid or expired

This error comes every time.

As kohle says I also was never able to login again, only first login after account creation worked

(Salexes) #28

What could the issue be ? How to fix it ?

(Jay) #29

Try copy & pasting the reset link from the email into your browser.

I had the same problem when I clicked on the link but copy&pasting fixed the issue for me.

(HH) #30

It seems the + in the email was the problem for me. it worked with an email without it today.

(Louis Ghijselings) #31

I have an email adress that does not have a + in it and it still does not work. Does anybody have a clue what is going on here?

(Kai) #32

Same here. Having a “+” in email, reset passwort which works or better say: then new password is accepted.
Returning to Login-Screen, enter new passwort - wrong :-1: