Mysensors v3

Hi everyone will the mysensors binding ever get a v3 release its still at version 1 and is the only binding i need thats v1 so it currently means keeping a full openhab2 setup running just for this binding?

Likely it has been abandoned.
The solution would be to run that binding in an OH2 instance and use the remoteopenhab binding to get the OH2 Items into OH3.

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I think this might help you:

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That’s what im saying its the only binding i need thats not v3 its alot of hastle keep an entire sytem working just for one binding :frowning:

Yes that post says the binding was abandoned but there was a v2 binding that needed a small amount of work too get running with OH3 but there is maby a v3. Jar

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I believe there is a script or process that can convert many v2 bindings into v3 somewhere on GitHub.

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just read the post there is a link for the v3 jar
here is the link for the jar file:

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I have only just installed OH3 it was trouble just trying too work out how too move my setup over and then will look into the mysensors issue after

Had problems with a backup restore some of my items won’t load my things dont populate WIP :wink: doing it all manually atm

Thanks for that i will check it out as soon as my OH3 setup works only just setup etc

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Any idea why it is not in the official repo?
I thought all bindings listed in the main site were available in OH3.

OpenHAB3 accepted the .jar file and seems too be working correctly thanks for that really appreciate it saves keeping an outdated system running now too get back too trying too get OH3 working :slight_smile:

Don’t miss OH 3 Tips and Tricks which has some ways to make configuration and rebuilding your setup easier.

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Thanks @rlkoshak i will look into it now been having a bit of a nightmare with it tbh

Its the old items from text files that are causing me trouble not sure why yet

If you have any desire to use the semantic model (and you should), I recommend not trying to fight with your old .items files. Build your Locations model and then use “Create Equipment from Thing” to recreate your Items. It’ll be way less work in the long run.

I do want too use it that’s what’s causing some of my issues with groups etc

and stop using text files from then on ? text is more convenient than ui based if you need too make bigger changes etc

can you export the ui items too text i would prefer too use text items & rules

rules are definitely something i want too stay text based

Just remember that not all Items need to be nor should they be in the model.

In that case it can be done but it’s going to be a whole lot of work. Good luck! Honestly, if you plan on keeping Items in text configs I’d recommend not trying to use the semantic model at all. It’s just too much work and it’s too opaque and difficult to do (as you are seeing). You have to keep a page up with a list of all the tags up on one screen while you edit the Items in another and you have to be careful to never make an Item a member of more than one semantically tagged group.

And when you realize the degree to which Item metadata has become important you will quickly discover that your Items definitions will start to explode. If you will be using MainUI at all, single line Item definitions will no longer be feasible.

I’ve gone all in on UI only in OH 3 and don’t regret it. For big changes (which honestly happen only very rarely) there are other ways I can do them that are just as easy as they are with .items files. And being able to modify and edit my rules (or anything else for that matter) through the UI anywhere I happen to be has proved to be more benefit than anything I lost by not having my rules in text files. The But only if… clause has also caused me to rethink my approaches in several of my rules and let me vastly simplify them. The ability to enable and disable rules on the fly have also proved incredibly useful. You can do that with text based rules too, but the disable status doesn’t survive a reload of the .rules file (or what ever language you are using).

I’m not saying it’s for everyone. Text configs are certainly still there and will still be supported. But the text configs will be no better than what was available in OH 2.5.

tl;dr you can continue to use OH 3 the same as you always have. But if you want to take advantage of the new stuff, particularly the new stuff that drives MainUI, you will find it quite painful to remain in text files and some UI things (e.g. creating custom widgets, HABPanal configs, etc) won’t be possible.

No, it’s like it always was.

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Check this post for help on Semantic Model setup via configuration files. Just remember that you either do it all via the UI, or all via the config files - don’t mix and match…

@rlkoshak can you possibly give me a few tips here please

How can i transfer my things from oh2 too oh3? They were created in oh2 paperui tried quite a few things but having real issues

I have tried updating my production OH2 too OH3 everything gets populated but there are issues with the setup one of them being frontail freezes and i cant reinstall it via openhabian-config

I also have a fresh machine with openhabian v3 installed fresh never had anything else on this machine i have tried using ooenhabian backup restore but things never populate

I was planning on populating the things on the old oh setup as they populate perfect and copy the jsondb files over too the fresh system but i don’t have permission too write too the new jsondb folder

Any tips appreciated here i have been trying for days and im at my witts end

I think i have found the issues i was previously having with model and items not loading i think it was a thing file

The way I did it was to start over from scratch on the Things. I installed the bindings one by one and rediscovered the Things. For the manually created Things like MQTT I created one exemplar Generic MQTT Thing, verified that it works, then opened the Code tab, copied the YAML, created a new Generic MQTT Thing and pasted/edited the yaml from the exemplar to create the new MQTT Thing. I was able to recreate all my MQTT things in about 15 minutes this way.

I’m not using openHABian nor frontail so I can’t help with these. Though I have seen a lot of people reporting that the upgrade doesn’t always work quite right for Frontail and it’s still looking at the old location for the logs. Editing the frontail.service file to point at the new location (/var/log/openhab instead of /var/log/openhab2).

I’m not sure you can restore an OH 2.5 backup to OH 3. There are a lot of changes in the config files, in particular the /var/lib/openhab/etc and JSONDB files. If you were to use that approach I would install OH 2.5, restore the backup, then upgrade to OH 3. The upgrade script is supposed to make all the necessary changes. I know some have successfully upgraded. I started over and rebuilt my config on OH 3 little-by-little so can’t provide any better advice.

The namespaces have all changed between OH 2 and OH 3. There is no more org.eclipse.smarthome so the files need a new name and every entry in the JSONDB file that references org.eclipse.smarthome needs to change as well. So just copying the JSONDB from 2.5 to 3 won’t work.

As for the permission problem, the folders are owned by user openhab. You’re logged in as user openhabian. You will have to sudo to make any changes in the openhab folders.

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Thanks everyone for the help

I ended up adding my bindings from mainUI

recreated my things keeping the ID the same from my old setup

Used main ui too recreate my items from text files

Created my model created extra links

My sensors is now working perfectly thanks too the v3 binding