Necessary Ports and IP / DNS Entries for

Hello Folks

I use an advanced Firewall (Sophos UTM) to secure my networks at home.
Since the support for google assistant is available, I have the need to use :slight_smile:

To reduce the risk, I only like to open the necessary Ports to defined IP’s or DNS records.
Does anybody know, which Ports are used (incoming and outgoing) to which official IP adresses or DNS records?

Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty certain that only requires port 443 for https traffic and it is only outgoing. You do not need to open an incoming port. In other words, if you can bring up in your browser, the cloud connector will be able to connect and proxy OH’s REST API.

The whole point of and the cloud connector binding is that you should not have to open any ports in your firewall beyond the usual outgoing initiated HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

You can do an whois on the domain for the IP addresses.

That’s 100% correct. That’s the design of to not have to open some ports or stuff as @rlkoshak already pointed out!

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Thanks Rich and Thomas

I even have outgoing ports blocked for the most devices :slight_smile:

So I’m gonna open 443 outgoing for my openHAB device

whois request only delivers the information about the domain. But I know what you mean…

Thank oyu!